Top 3 exercises to strengthen your backbones

Top 3 exercises to strengthen your backbones
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670px-Improve-Your-Posture-With-Rowing-Exercises-Step-3Do you feel that you have a weak backbone?  You have a need to engage in the back strengthening exercises and a good diet plan to get the desired support to increase the overall strength of your backbone. The following details about exercises to make strong backbone support you acquire a strong backbone within a short period.

Bird Dog

You can do Bird Dog exercise to improve the overall balance of muscles. People who prefer this exercise can get the desired support while walking, running, carrying a child, and other activities for a long time.

If you do this exercise as specified, you can easily tone your lower spine, upper back, hamstrings, and glutes.  Are you ready to know how to do this exercise efficiently?

You have to be positioned on all fours. You have to gradually squeeze your abs by lugging belly in the direction of spine.

You have to be careful to keep up the spine neutral. You have to avoid rotating the hips and arching your back.

You have to keep your left arm in a straight line and extend your right leg back as long as possible.

You can hold this position for a few seconds. You have to do this exercise on each side for six to ten times.

670px-Improve-Your-Posture-With-Rowing-Exercises-Step-4Hip Bridge

The main purpose this exercise is to give the best support to people who spend hours of time on their chair.  Men and women who do this hip bridge exercise can easily strengthen their muscles that have the most important role that is to stabilize the entire spine.

You have to be positioned on your back and ensure that your feet flat, arms hassle-free, knees bent completely, and hip-width at a distance.

You have to squeeze your buttocks when you haul up your hips. If you have a uncertainty about whether you do this exercise rightly or not, you can easily clarify this doubt when you listen to your position from the top to bottom.

Your position resembles the straight line that is from the shoulders to the knees.  You can build up to 6 to 10 repetitions gradually to get the best support to strength your backbone.

Side Plank

You can do Side Plank exercise to strengthen back muscles to the maximum level. If you wish to protect your lower back completely, you can prefer this exercise confidently. You can easily keep up the lower back as stable as possible while doing activities that have a need of movements in the back or hip.

It is time to be positioned on your right side. You have to lie in a straight line and ensure that your elbow directly under your shoulder.

You have to raise your hips off the floor while maintaining the straight line by using your abdominals. You have to keep up your neck straightly with your spine.

Your hips should be square while doing this step.    You have to hold up to 40 seconds and repeat this exercise thrice continuously.

You can start with simple bent knees when you get difficulties to do this exercise.

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