Why All Fitness Enthusiasts Should Use Himalayan Salt?

Why All Fitness Enthusiasts Should Use Himalayan Salt?
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download (5)Himalayan Salt naturally contains an incredible selection of 84 different minerals and trace elements important to one’s individual health. Anyone and everyone, but particularly those involved in body building and fitness at any level, as well as all who seek healthier living, would benefit extremely by switching to 100% natural Himalayan salt.

Traditional table salt

Traditional table salt that one would typically find in markets is consisting of approximately 97% sodium chloride. The other 3% includes various substances designed to avoid caking (clumping together) and improve the flow of the salt when poured or shaken. The salt is then bleached and prepared under extreme heat which changes the chemical structure of the salt and damages the important nutrients that exist in the salt’s or natural, raw state. And therein can be found the problem! An individual’s body needs salt because of its rich mineral content, which has now been damaged and eliminated due to all of the substance handling. As if that weren’t bad enough, many commercial salt processors then treats the salt with dangerous ingredients like aluminium hydroxide, which is used to avoid the accumulation of wetness. All this needless handling takes away the positive benefits and “life energy” of salt for one’s individual body and results in the consumer with an un-natural combination of sodium chloride and substance preservatives that is extremely hard for one’s individual body to break down and process. The individual body must compromise remarkable amounts of power and cellular water in order to reduce the effects of the damaging effects of the salt. The lack of ability of one’s body to effectively reduce the effects of these toxic substances and ingredients can result in numerous conditions such as fat accumulation in unwanted areas, arthritis, gouty arthritis pain, renal and gallbladder stones, and hypertension.

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