Top 10 home remedies to get natural red lips

Top 10 home remedies to get natural red lips
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downloadDon’t you love to have red colored lips naturally to enhance your look?  Many women geared up to use lots of cosmetics with an interest to improve their lips’ color and appearance entirely. You can avoid harmful nature of these products and begin to use home remedies suggested here.  These home remedies give you the complete support to get a visible result of red lips naturally.

Tomato Paste

You can apply tomato paste on your lips and leave it for thirty minutes. You can wash it with warm water. You can easily get glowing lips when you have followed this home remedy regularly.

Rose Petals

The potential of rose petals gives you the complete natural support to bring back red colored lips easily.  You have to keep up rose petals immersed in the milk for twenty minutes. You can make a paste of these petals and mix glycerin and honey before you applying on the lips. You can run gently by using milk and paste.

Pomegranate Seeds

Sufferers of dark colored lips prefer pomegranate seeds that support them lighten their lips. They have to take these seeds and crush them. They can mix this powder with milk cream and then apply this paste on the lips.

Orange Peel

Orange peel has the best nature to remove dead cells in the skin. You can use orange peels to cleanse the lips.

images (1)Olive Oil

Many people prefer olive oil not only to improve their healthiness, but also beauty.  You can mix olive oil with sugar and honey. You can apply it on the lips and then massage up to ten minutes.


Milk is rich in the lactic acid that is very useful to lighten the skin. You can take a cotton pad and then apply a few drops of milk on it. You can place this pad on your lips and leave it for fifteen minutes.


Once you have prepared lemon juice, you have to add glycerin. You can apply this paste on the lips. If you regularly apply this paste, you can successfully get the desired result on the color of your lips.

Cucumber Juice

You can apply cucumber juice on the lips to reduce the overall darkness of the lips.  You can use cucumber slice to scrub your lips daily. You can successfully acquire red lips naturally.


You can get the complete support to have red lips when you use beetroot. If you apply a slice of fresh beetroot on the lips before you go to bed, you can fulfill this desire.  You can easily nourish the lips and improve the redness of the lips as awaited.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is very useful to heal lots of health problems.  You can use almond oil to avoid dark stains in the lips on the whole.   As compared to using chemical elements of lip glosses, this is worthwhile to use this natural oil to have the best lip gloss.

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