Cosmetic surgery-lip surgery

Cosmetic surgery-lip surgery
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Lip surgery is also called as lip augmentation which is one of cosmetic procedure to give plumper and fuller lips. Now day’s injectable dermal filler are used for the lip augmentation technique. Many other types can also be injected in patient’s lips and other parts of mouth. Mostly common fillers like hyaluronic acid is used for manufacture of products related to lip surgery. This substance increases volume of lips because it is one of the natural substances present in body. Implants and fat injections are also methods available in lip augmentation to plump lips. But getting good results in those methods are very rare and risky one.


Materials and Techniques

Autologen is one type of dermal material which is taken from the patient’s skin. There will not be any risk or allergy in these process but the results they give will be temporary. Dermalogen is also a form of treatment and in these the skin is taken from patient’s body through laboratory process. This process last longer than collogen technique since high concentration of collogen is injected in lips. Radiance is a synthetic solution produced from laboratory which contains calcium hydroxylapatite.

Popular procedures

Fat transfer is procedure in which the surgeons harvest patient’s fat from other places of body through excision or liposuction. The harvested skin will be placed in lips by either surgical way or injected way.  Restylane is a clear gel which is produced from non animal and they are like hyaluronic acid present in human body. The surgery effects will be resulted in patient body for about six months. Artfill will not be injected directly in person’s lips since they contain heavy substance which results white skin.

imagesBenefits of lip augmentation

Fillers used in lip augmentation process leave the patient lips in less bruising, fewer side effects or swelling process. They may sometimes experience swelling or less discomfort in implant procedure. This process is least semi permanent or permanent for people to alter their lips. The person who undergoes this procedure can correct eversion in lips. Overall curvature of lips will be changed and the patient will feel really happy. The resulted lips will balance the look of face by allowing lips of patient to become harmonious with their nose, cheek, and eyes. A big effect will be felt by the patient after lip augmentation because they improve the total appearance of face. Most of women want to give some plumpy look to their face with lip augmentation. Many patients undergo lip augmentation gets new friends in either outside or in doctor office. The lip augmentation gives better feel to the patient by creating positive thoughts. The happy and positive attitude of patient will be increased and they are good for all life things. Getting perfect lips is dream for someone who thought to increase their overall personality and self esteem. Lots and lots of lip enhancement are available now days to help people in getting good look. This surgery may help patient to help them in monetary situation and goal achieving way.

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