Biggest innovations in Healthcare Technology 2014

Biggest innovations in Healthcare Technology 2014
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shutterstock_95311084Today’s world technology is improving daily and new innovations enhancing the growth of economy. Healthcare is nowhere exception so there are so many disruptive technologies try to change the people impact. There may be some complexity in ecosystem of medical world but it does not affect the people highly. New innovations are coming out from artificial hearts till electronic aspirin and they are cost effective too.

Google Glass

Wearable technology may seem like growing one for most people but it has started its journey in the field of medicine. Google glass is used by both practitioners and patients in receiving better administer care. Doctors hope that this wearable technology let them improve their health care interactions with patients. This also improves satisfaction of patients because this allows the doctors to do their job effectively. Doctors can see the medical history of patients using Google glass. Surgeries performed using glass help medical students and professionals to know the how surgeries are made. Telemedicine opportunities help medical professionals in providing clinical care from distance. With this doctors can give medical advices to patients using email or phone call.

3D printed Biological materials

3D printing technology is a way to create a 3D object using computer generated model. The printed organs do possess some live cells which give up the solutions to create complex 3D human structures. The use of 3D models are coming up today from small guns to big models why not they should come into medical field? They do and they can because 3D medical materials resolve health issues. Embryonic stem cells help researchers to create new tissues which may help them in forming new organs. Printing skin does have so much of advances to develop skin disease patients, and burn victims. Organova Company has created a cardiac tissue that really beats up like patient heart. These types of materials help doctors to form their own stem cells to develop cartilage and bones.

Untitled-1-copy-165x300Digestible Sensors

Digestible sensors give more number of information about human body and different organ treatment solutions. They transmit patient information to doctors to assist them in giving health advices. If the patient swallows this sensor like normal pill they do all types of functions to monitor the patient health. They look after all body system and transmit the updates to other devices like computer or smart phone. They do not even need batteries because they work with human body energy. They bring effects of medicine and help in detecting future diseases at earlier stages. The name of that pill is Helius which was developed by company named Proteus Digital Health. The bio sensors present in that pill can interact with stomach fluid to sense the signals given by them. There is no need to take other things like biopsies, x-rays. This sensor is mainly for people who got affected from diabetes because they need regular care from health professionals. It is very difficult for doctor to monitor patient all time so these pills helps them in doing that.

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