Home Remedies for Warts

Home Remedies for Warts
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WartsOne of the most common skin problems in the world today are genital warts. These warts show up around the genital area of both men and women. They look like the flesh and are sometimes small. They look like bumps, but they are really skin growths caused by a virus known as HPV.

The people who are most vulnerable to catching HPV and developing warts are those who are very sexually active. If you have multiple sex partners and have sex without condoms you are at the highest risk of experiencing this type of infection. Some people will begin to treat this condition without first consulting with a doctor first. This is a bad idea because there are other skin ailments that can look just like genital warts. By going to the doctor first you’ll be able to find out for sure if you are dealing with warts or not. The doctor will be able to tell if it is in fact a wart by taking a sample of it. The doctor will look for cultures of the human papillomavirus in the sample to determine if it is a wart.

When it comes to appearance the warts will have a flesh color and they will either be flat or raised. In women these warts will show up around the anus and vagina cavity. Some women will experience warts developing on the interior of the vagina and on the cervix. Men will experience genital warts on the penis, anus, and sometimes on the scrotum. These warts will sometimes show up on the surrounding areas as well like the thigh area.

Doctors will often suggest taking certain medications to help fight off the virus and help the warts get removed. One of these medications is called veregen and helps with warts by increasing the immune system. There is another prescribed medication called podofilox that can help remove warts. It’s a gel that works by applying it topically to the affected area. You will have to continue applying the gel to the genital warts until it falls off after a few weeks.

Warts1With that being said topical gels and creams are the best ways to treat this type of wart. The FDA has approved the prescription medications listed here in this article. Just remember to consult your doctor first before you begin treating this condition.

If you’re looking for a natural way to treat this condition there are plenty to choose from. The best type of home remedies are the ones that can be applied directly on the infected area. Tea tree oil is one of these natural remedies for warts that have been proven to work time and time again.

The key is to apply the oil directly on the affected area and let it remain there for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off. When you apply the oil on a daily basis for a few months you should start seeing good results. It’s best to apply the tea tree oil at night right before you go to sleep. This is because the oil can cause some irritation that can make you uncomfortable during the day.

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