4 FAQs About the Bearings in Dental Handpieces

4 FAQs About the Bearings in Dental Handpieces
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The performance of the dental handpieces in your office is often dependent on the bearings inside of them. There are many different bearing options out there that bring up a lot of questions for dentists. Here are some of the most common questions about dental bearings

1. What Differences Occur Between Radial Bearings and Angular Contact Bearings?

The primary difference is the type of retainer used. Radial bearings have a crown retainer, and angular contact bearings have a full retainer. 

2. What Benefits Are Associated With the Different Bearings?

Radial bearings tend to be more convenient to install and load. Angular contact bearings spin faster and last longer. However, they tend to be harder to install and load. Additionally, there are external factors that can impact the life of an angular contact bearing. 

3. What Are the Differences Between the Bearings Made With Phenolic and Torlon Retainers?

Phenolic is porous and can be filled with oil. This allows retainers made with it to be self-lubricating. On the other hand, Torlon is not a porous material and will not be filled with oil. However, retainers in this material can come with other types of lubrication built into it. Additionally, Torlon handles repeated sterilization better. 

4. What Are the Advantages of Using Hybrid Ceramic Bearings?

A hybrid ceramic bearing will run cooler, last longer, and reduce your chance of equipment failure. It is also a much lighter option than traditional steel. The result is that the bearing experiences less friction and can operate at higher speeds. Another advantage is that ceramic will experience less surface damage. This is because ceramic is much harder than steel, so there are fewer potential threats to the material. Additionally, ceramic does not require as much lubrication as steel. 

Choosing the right bearings for your handpieces can be difficult. Fortunately, knowing the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions can help you get started on your search for parts. 

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