How To Increase Your Child’s Confidence and Reduce Fear Around Dental Care

How To Increase Your Child’s Confidence and Reduce Fear Around Dental Care
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Dental care is an essential component of wellness and health. While many parents are aware of its importance, many children feel anxious about the dentist and dental care. If you want to help build up your child’s confidence around dental care and reduce their anxiety, here are a few useful tips.

The Dentist

An influential factor in your child’s comfort level with dental care is the dentist. While you can take them to any dentist, a pediatric dentist Braintree MA will understand the unique circumstances of working with children. Look for someone who can build trust with your child.

The Easy Out

While many children experience anxiety about going to the dentist, never bribe them to go. Not only can this lead to an anxious response to going to the dentist, but this sets you up for an unhealthy relationship with the medical professional who is there to help. Even if it feels tempting to offer a reward to attend a dentist appointment, avoid this.

The Parental Role

The reality is that parents will also play an incredibly impactful role with dental hygiene and you need to know what you can do as a parent. It is particularly important to be mindful of what language you use around dental care, teeth and the dentist. This can be a substantial influence on your child’s comfort level.

The Routine

Part of your job as a parent is to set the standard for dental hygiene. Set your child up for success with consistent care and healthy habits. Make sure that teeth brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are a part of each day’s routine and your little one can enjoy a healthy and strong mouth.

If you want your child to minimize the stress and anxiety around visiting the dentist and help your little one feel more comfortable, this all starts with you. You can serve as the coach to help them develop essential routines, healthy habits and a positive relationship which all will help them in the long-term.

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