Top 10 Body Movements Which will keep you away from Neck Pain

Top 10 Body Movements Which will keep you away from Neck Pain
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Are you working for some big MNC, where you just need to sit in front of a desktop or laptop for hours? If yes then we are sure that you are suffering from serious neck pain. When you are sitting for 7 to 8 hours at one place then it is quite obvious that you will get neck pain. So, today we are here to give you some amazing tips or 10 body movement which will keep you away from neck pain. Your monotonous daily routine will cause you muscle stiffness that can limit neck movement. It also arises when you constantly staring down at your mobile phone.

According to research, it was found that neck pain may feel like a “Kink”, stiffness or serve heavy pain. It can also spread to your shoulders, upper back, or arms. If it continuously happens then it may trigger headaches and cause numbness in your arms.

“As a culture we put our necks through hell with our reliance on technology, which creates forward head carriage, and results in neck muscles that go into spasm and refer pain into our heads, temples, and even behind our eyes,” says Brad Butler, chiropractor and author of “The Blueprint for Back Pain Relief: The Essential Guide to Nonsurgical Solutions.”

You need to take the required measures to prevent osteoporosis. Your neck pain arises because of bone loss in the spine, which lead to vertebral compression fractures. You can follow these three easy strategies to get relief from neck pain:

1.Go for regular exercise such as running, dancing and walking
2.Consult your doctor to do a bone density test
3.Get 1200 mg of dietary calcium and 800 to 1000 IU of vitamin D daily

So, let’s start with the top 10 body movement which will keep you away from Neck Pain:

Assisted Neck Pull

For this highly effective exercise, you need to put your hand on your neck with your eyebrows pointed out to the sides. Now, slowly take a deep breath and then exhale as you drop your chin towards your chest, pulling your elbows down towards the floor. Politely allow your hands and arms to assess your head down further, and after completing this take a few deep breaths.

Ear Drops

Join your fingers behind your back. Keep your hands on the small lower back and move your neck slowly from right to left. When you drop your neck on the right ear, take a few breaths and then switch to sides.

Forward fold with hand nod

Move forward and bend down towards the ground. Hold on to opposite elbows and allow your head to dangle down. Nod your head yes and then shake your head no.

Chair stand

Take a chair and sit on it. Now place your hands on your thighs. Harden your abdominal muscles. Now, slowly stand up and simultaneously exhale. After doing this slowly sit down. Do this for 8 to 10 times.

This easy and efficient exercise will help you in realising your neck pain.

Single leg raise

You need to do this exercise with both legs one by one. Sit on a chair and rest your hands on your legs. Touch your feet on the floor. Now lift your one leg slowly and exhale simultaneously. Lift your leg as high as you can do it. Repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times. Now, do the same exercise with your other leg for 8 to 10 times.

Staggered Chair stand

This is the simplest exercise that you need to perform to get relief from your neck pain. Sit on a chair with your feet a few inches apart. Now, put your hands on your thighs. Make sure you have strengthened your abdominal muscles. Now, slowly stand up and sat the same time exhale. After doing this slowly sit down and do this for 8 to 10 times. Now, use your alternate foot and repeat this exercise.

Heel raise

This exercise will give some finest benefits to your neck pain and also strengthening your thighs. Stand straight behind the chair, holding the back with your feet hip-width apart and your weight evenly distributed. Now, strengthen your abdominal muscles. Hold the chair with your hands and lift your toes. After this slowly lower your heels to the floor. You need to repeat this for 8 to 10 times to get the finest outcomes. Doing this exercise effectively and regularly will improve your balance and posture, aiming to prevent you from neck pain.

Front Plank on table

If you have ever done a plank in the gym then you know how powerful this exercise is. Stand in front of your table. Strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower your upper body through your forearms on the table. Now, make a line like a plank. Hold this for 15 to 20 seconds and you will automatically realise the benefits of this exercise.

Standing side leg lift

This exercise is little same as heel raise exercise. Hold the chair with your hands. Slowly lift your one leg, maximum 6 inches from the floor. Now, repeat this exercise for 8 to 10 times. Also, do this again with other legs.

Neck circles

With this exercise, you will instantly get relief but you need to be very careful while performing this exercise. Use your chin to draw a circle to the right three times and then to the left three times.

Wrapping Up

Whether your office hours are for 10 to 9 or doing some work that causes serious neck pain then you need to follow the above shared 10 body movement to help you get some instant relief. You can make yourself efficient and highly proficient with these simple and outstanding body movements taught to you by experts at The Fit Institute. You just need to concentrate and a powerful dedication to receive some instant results through experts which can easily be provided with some efforts given by you for yourself.

Now, say no to your neck pain and adopt these simple and easy body movements to live a happy and pain-free life. All the best!

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