5 Signs You Need Rehab: Has Your Addiction Gone Overboard?

5 Signs You Need Rehab: Has Your Addiction Gone Overboard?
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You hear about drug addicts all the time, but it could never happen to you, right? But when does “having fun” and getting a little bit of enjoyment cross the line into addiction, and how do you know if it’s happening to you?

It’s easier to pretend that your drug or alcohol use is a habit you can quit whenever you want to, but make sure you’re being real with yourself. If you read these 5 signs and any of them apply to you, you may need to enter a rehab program.

5 Truths That Your Habit is Now an Addiction and You Need Help

1. You’ve built up a tolerance. Maybe you think it’s cool that you can drink your friends under the table or outlast them when you’re all using drugs, but it’s really not.

This is a clear sign that you’ve built up a tolerance, which is dangerous. It means that it takes more and more of the drug for you to feel the effects. You may not even notice that you’re using more, but meanwhile, your chances of overdosing are skyrocketing with every use.

2. You forgot what you used to enjoy or why you enjoyed them. Hanging out with friends who don’t use drugs or drink is no fun anymore. They’re all killjoys trying to get you to stop using.

You don’t go to the events you used to. You haven’t seen your children’s school plays or games, and you can’t remember the last time you spent time with your family or friends without sneaking out for a hit.

If anything that limits or prevents you from engaging in your drug use is in the way, it’s time to get help.

3. Your relationships are suffering. If your friends and family are drifting away from a little at a time, there comes a point where you have to consider, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

It’s easy to blame one or two, or even a few, for whatever fallout you had, but once it becomes more than just a handful, even the most stubborn person would have to wake up and admit that it may be their own fault.

Your close loved ones are probably going to try to intervene and help you, but at some point, if you don’t help yourself, they will have to walk away for their own protection.

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