Tips To Make Your Journey Pain-Free & Comfortable

Tips To Make Your Journey Pain-Free & Comfortable
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Traveling brings new adventures and destinations. The journey can be overwhelming for travel lovers. As summer approaches, the thrill to take a road trip rises and also the travel frequency increases. However, for many people, the idea of traveling can be daunting. It is because they suffer from some aches and health problems.

Different travel methods pose different challenges for the traveler. Each of them come with some limitations, along with giving you the best experience of the journey. For example, if you trip by air, then you are may face troubles with your lower back. Even if you are taking a road trip, it is pretty possible you may end up having pain in your neck and back.

LiveScience says that “about 80 percent of people in the United States experience at least one bout of lower-back pain in their lives, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.”

Commonly, people suffer from back and neck pain while traveling. Especially, when you have to drive/fly for a couple of hours or a long distance, then it becomes harder to continue the trip with ease and comfort. Since you sit for hours together, you are are likely to develop pain in your spine and neck muscles.

It is, therefore, necessary to have movements while traveling anywhere that takes more hours of time. You can do movements like standing up, walking around for 2 minutes, or performing the stretching exercises, your physical therapist has prescribed. However, the biggest challenge the travel modes impose is the limited space. There is hardly enough space for you to move around in most of the transportation modes. So, look for better alternatives or bring up solutions to your troubles.

All you can do is to prepare yourself ahead of your journey to avoid conditions like neck and back pain. Let us take a look at these preventive measures that can help you in making your trip comfortable and pain-free.

Sit Comfortably

No matter how the car seats are comfortable, they are not designed to provide adequate back support. Therefore, if you have a drive of a couple of hours, then you are likely to develop pain in your back, lower back, or in the spine muscles. Having a correct posture while driving can take you a long way on your journey pain-free. However, we all commonly make postural mistakes while driving. Different experts have different opinions on the best position while driving.

However, if you are keen on taking a road trip by our vehicle, then it is essential that you take breaks at regular intervals and stretch yourself to relieve the pain of the stiffened muscles. It will be better to reach the destination a bit late than to develop aches in your body.

Lift The Luggage Cautiously

Try avoiding more luggage when going on a holiday or an adventurous trip. Take only the things that you require and try to keep the baggage as minimal as possible. However, if you need to take more of it, then you can keep a small bag with you and ship the rest of it.

Moreover, when you try to lift a heavy bag, you can divide the lifting into smaller parts whenever possible. For example, when you need to carry it and put in the car trunk, you can lift it first to a chair or a step stool, and then to the trunk. It will divide the heaviness of the baggage and will make it easier for you to avoid getting pain in your spine.

Relieve The Pain With Physical Therapy

Sometimes, you develop back and neck pain, in spite of taking precautions. In this case, physical therapy can be effectively helpful in alleviating the ache. Physical therapists are experts in healing aches and injuries. They also offer excellent training programs to help you avoid the pain to the maximum possible extent.

According to ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine, “When a physical therapist works with you for relief from your sciatica pain, the main goal will be to reduce your symptoms and alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve so that your symptom relief is long lasting.” So, seek the most appropriate physical therapy technique to relieve your relevant pain.

Take Your Back Support

By whatever means of transportation, you travel, their seats are not sufficient enough to give adequate support to your back and neck. Therefore, it is advisable that you carry a lumbar pillow to support your lower spine. Alternatively, you can roll your t-shirt or a towel to provide support for the inward curve of the low back. You can get ample options of travel pillows that you can carry while on your trip by flight, car, or train. They support not only your spine but also effectively help you avoid getting neck pain.

Have Good Support For Your Feet

Often, it may happen that the seat will be so high that your feet cannot touch the floor/ground. In this case, it will put more pressure on your low back. You can either keep your foot on the footrest to avoid aching of your spine. Even while driving, keeping both your feet on the ground will give more support to your back. Use cruise control for longer drives.

Divide The Driving Time

When you have long-distance driving, try to divide the total traveling time into small intervals. In other words, take breaks at regular intervals when you are on a road trip. It will give you enough time to stretch yourself. Make the most of this duration and make sure you do not do anything that puts pressure on your back since this portion of the body gets the maximum strain while driving.

Move Around

When you on a trip by train or flight, you can take advantage of getting up from your place and moving around a bit. It will help you relieve the tightened muscles of the entire body. Also, you can do some stretching by standing up in your place. Relieve the neck muscles by stretching on sideways and upside down. It will help your neck get some exercise and alleviate the pain as well.

Traveling can be fun, provided you take the necessary precautions to protect your back and neck from aches.

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