Could CBD Oil Be the Answer to Summer Allergies?

Could CBD Oil Be the Answer to Summer Allergies?
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2018 is set to be the worst year ever for Britain’s millions of hay fever sufferers. According to the Royal College of General Practitioners, over 45 thousand new cases of hay fever were diagnosed in just one week of June, leaving over 20 million people suffering with itchy eyes and constant sneezing.

But despite the rising number of cases, consumers are turning away from over-the-counter cures like antihistamines and other medicines in favour of trying something new.

And one of the things people are trying in large numbers is CBD supplements.

Why Does Hay Fever Make Summer Miserable?

It’s easy to see why people are on the lookout for hay fever treatments. The symptoms are pretty miserable, especially given this summer’s perfect storm of high temperatures and still, dry conditions.

In conditions like these, pollen counts from grass and other plants spike, leading to runny and stuffy noses, red, itchy, watery eyes and localised swelling. In short, everything you don’t want to contend with during a summer BBQ or afternoon in the garden with a glass of Pimms.

To combat these symptoms, people are deciding to use CBD oil – a supplement long recommended by those suffering from asthma – to ease the sneezing and itching.

Can CBD Combat Hay Fever?

The use of CBD as a health supplement is a new and fast-moving sector, and the medical profession is rushing to check out many of the claims made by people who suggest that products such as CBD bath bombs, vapes and oils have improved their quality of life.

Early research suggests that because CBD is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, it can help both acute and chronic allergies, easing itching and preventing the painful swelling that can accompany a pollen allergy.

Over the counter medicines also help to ease these symptoms, but as any long-term hay fever sufferer knows, an anti-allergy medicine or antihistamine can come with a long list of side effects. Drowsiness and confusion are common – which makes it difficult to work, and blurred vision seems like a bad trade-off for relief from itching, swollen eyes.

CBD doesn’t have these side effects, which makes it an attractive option for people who are already sick to death of regular side effects.

A well-chosen CBD supplement also helps to treat allergies by balancing out your body’s own endocannabinoid system. Without the right balance, your white blood cells can go into overdrive – a biological process responsible for many of your hay fever symptoms. By taking a CBD supplement, the cannabidiol bonds with your body’s CBD receptors and creates a homeostasis, balancing out your endocannabinoid system and keeping those over-keen cells in check.

Full medical testing is still being undertaken, so you won’t find any CBD supplements advertised as a miracle allergy cure, but evidence and testimony from people trying these supplements for themselves is definitely promising.

Taking CBD Supplements

Taking a CBD supplement is simple. All you need to do is choose a supplement for oral use, such as tongue drops or even a CBD vape, and take as required until you begin to feel better.

If you’re plagued by itching, then a more topical supplement such as a luxury bath bomb or CBD body oil could provide the soothing relief that you’re looking for.

The choice is yours. After all, you know your body and your symptoms better than anyone. All you need to do is test out a few supplements and see what provides the relief you’re seeking.

And then spread the word, because hay fever sufferers and people with seasonal allergies have already missed out on enough of this summer!


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