Targeting Back Pain With Injection Therapies

Targeting Back Pain With Injection Therapies
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When you’ve been dealing with chronic pain in your back for months or longer, you may be thinking about resorting to surgery. An MRI showing one or more herniated discs or spinal degeneration can seem like a very discouraging diagnosis, and surgery may appear to be a quick fix. However, some surgeries can require significant rehabilitation or installing permanent hardware onto your spinal column. It’s preferable to try the less invasive options before intervening surgically. 

Epidural Injections

An epidural injection into your spinal column can greatly help to reduce nerve pain caused by herniated discs, also known as radiculopathy. The injection will contain a steroid to help reduce inflammation as well as a numbing such as lidocaine to alleviate pain. A doctor will use a fluoroscope to identify the precise spot where the injection will be most effective. While you may experience some relief after an injection, it often takes three separate injections to get the most appreciable benefit. When you’re looking for help from back doctors Jacksonville FL, find a practice that can offer you a variety of options to treat your pain. Not everyone benefits from an epidural injection, and your condition may be better helped by trying different forms of injection treatments.

Facet Joint Injections

A compressed disc caused by a narrowing of the spinal column or osteoarthritis can cause acute pain and restrict your mobility. This condition also caused spondylosis, can make it painful to look up or turn your head to one side. A facet joint injection involves an injection of lidocaine into the affected area. These injections can be helpful for diagnostic purposes.  If the procedure results in substantial relief, then you’ve definitively isolated the cause of the pain. A doctor may recommend a long-term or permanent deactivation of the associated nerve which can be achieved by rhizotomy, a procedure in which a doctor administers a heated electromagnetic frequency to desensitize a portion of your medial branch nerve.

Trigger Point Injections

When your discs are damaged and causing strain on your spine, the muscles in the surrounding area may tense up. This can cause your muscles to become very sore, tender, and weak. Targeted injections that can soothe muscles can help to greatly relieve this pain for up to several days. When your muscles are less overwhelmed by pain, you’ll be better able to complete physical therapy exercises and possibly avoid further injury caused by strain.

In addition to physical therapy, injection therapies can greatly reduce your pain. Pursue an injection treatment that can help you improve your condition and attain relief.

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