Benefits of Home Health Care

Benefits of Home Health Care
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Patients and their families seek home health care for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the individual is elderly and no longer to take care of his or her own daily care but wishes to remain in his or her home rather than moving to a long-term care facility. People may also have home health care following discharge from a hospital stay. This may be a temporary rehabilitative arrangement, or it may be permanent.

Families and patients alike should realize that not everyone is a candidate for home health services. However, for those who are candidates, home health care Bethesda Maryland can offer a number of benefits for patients and family alike.

Benefits for Patients

There is a wide variety of treatments that a patient can receive from home, including medication management, skilled nursing, and physical therapy. Treatment from home health can be more effective because it is based on an individualized care plan. Patients appreciate the one-on-one attention they receive from home health professionals. Each has been highly trained and vetted before entering people’s homes, and each works under a doctor’s supervision. Recovering at home after a hospital stay helps to promote faster healing, and managing health conditions at home relieves the trouble and expense of unnecessary hospital visits. Home health care is covered by Medicare and Medicaid and is much more affordable than residence in a long-term care facility.

Benefits for Family Members

Assisting elderly loved ones with daily tasks often falls to family members. It can be an enormous strain because many also work full-time jobs and do not have special training in home health care. Many family members shoulder the burden because the alternative of sending a loved one to a nursing home is an undesirable outcome for all parties. Home health care is a third option that helps to take the pressure off family members while still allowing the elderly adult to stay at home.

Visiting a loved one in a care facility or hospital can be difficult. There are often set visiting hours or time restrictions that family members must abide by. There are no such limitations on visitation within an elderly loved one’s home, and the patient and the family member alike can benefit from the increased social interaction that home health care makes possible.

Home health patients know that someone will always be there for them. This can provide peace of mind to patients and family alike.

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