Tackling Bed Wetting and its Causes

Tackling Bed Wetting and its Causes
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Bed WettingThere is no one cause of bed wetting, so often solutions can often seem hard to find. There are, however, a variety of methods out there to assist frustrated parents and those that want to end their child’s bed wetting problems. You may at points want to give up, but persevere and you will get there.

What is Bed Wetting?
Bed wetting is commonly seen and almost expected in younger children. It is not seen as at all unusual in children under 5. Its medical name is nocturnal enuresis, and is the passing of urine in the night whilst asleep. As with anything, there are different levels of this as some are prone to bed wetting every night (known as primary nocturnal enuresis) and some have dry periods and then sudden periods of bed wetting (known as secondary nocturnal enuresis). You will find that bed wetting is twice as common in boys as it is in girls. Parents and carers tackle bed wetting in different ways depending on circumstance and anything from a bedwetting alarm to routine changes can be employed.

Factors Which May Affect Bed Wetting
You must remember that bed wetting is not the fault of those that do it. In the case of children it is often a result of the bladder not being able to contain the amount of urine which is produced. Bed wetting can be made worse by some factors and these are things to be tackled or avoided. Stress can induce bed wetting or increase its frequency, looking for the root causes of the stress can ease the bed wetting problem. Drinks containing caffeine will also stimulate the kidneys to make more urine so these should be avoided. It is also the case that children with ADHD are more likely to bed wet, discussing this with your GP may provide solutions to this problem.

Get Some Support
It can seem a lonely and frustrating period when you are trying to resolve bed wetting issues. Because it is not something that people talk about openly, it can often seem like an embarrassing subject to raise with friends or family. Surprisingly, you will find that more people than you expect have had the same experiences. Getting the support of those around you when dealing with broken and sleepless nights and the stress that bed wetting can cause will make a difference. Speaking to your GP and other parents with children the same age may help as well, as they could point you in the direction of help groups and advice.

Have faith that one day the bed wetting will be a thing of the past. Remember that many others have been through the same experience and come out the other end. Your day will come.

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