7 Mega-Useful Wheelchair Accessories

7 Mega-Useful Wheelchair Accessories
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Wheelchair AccessoriesWheelchair users want to live life in the same comfort and style as everyone else in the world. And quality of life can be significantly affected by the type of wheelchair you use and the accessories and tools that help you use it. Wheelchair accessories are increasingly popular and readily available online and in specialist stores. The right accessories can help you, or a friend or relative, live life to the full. Here are seven of the best accessories we found for modern wheelchairs. 

1. Seat Cushions and Covers
When it comes to seat covers and seat cushions you need to consider the recipient’s personal style if you are buying as a gift, as there is a huge variety available. However, comfort will always come at the top of the list so look for cushions with plenty of support. You can find cushions with gel inserts, heating pads, and even massage balls. Blankets are also a thoughtful gift, and you will need to stock up on warm covers yourself if you are using your wheelchair outdoors in the winter.

2. Devices for Climbing Hills and Ramps
It is difficult for the wheelchair user to propel themselves up a hill or ramp because taking the hands from the rims to reposition them results in rolling backwards; increasing the time it takes to reach the top of the slope. Gadgets are available to help prevent this backwards motion and make it easier to get where they are going.

3. Gadgets for Visually Impaired Wheelchair Users
If your eyesight is poor you’ll need brightly coloured brake grips so you can easily locate the brakes without having to move your head to look. These brake grips are also ideal for people who do not have a strong grip.

4. Mobile Ramps
A mobile ramper is ideal for the wheelchair user who is frequently out and about, and especially people who need to access buildings and vehicles where there are no access ramps to be seen. A mobile ramp is easy to fold and store and it can be attached to the back of the wheelchair so it is always on hand.

5. Wheelchair “Trailers”
Attach a wagon or a trailer to the back of your wheelchair to pull heavy loads, use during shopping trips, or carry items from the garden to the house. Choose a trailer that folds up neatly so you can stow it in your vehicle.

6. Wheel “Slippers”
If you use your chair both indoors and out, think of the dirt you’re tracking in when you come inside. Cover the wheels with “slippers” – covers designed to protect your floor and your home from dirt and dust that comes from outdoors.

7. Wheelchair Bag
Again, a wheelchair bag needs to be chosen with the recipient’s taste in mind but make sure it is roomy, well-made, and able to fit easily to the side of the chair or be stowed underneath the chair. Wheelchair bags come in many different fabrics but choose one that is washable for ease of use.

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