Surprising implications on health which we can notice due to stress

Surprising implications on health which we can notice due to stress
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stressStress is one of the most efficient elements in life which can make the health condition of an individual worst. There can be N numbers of reasons which are responsible for this stress in life and the majors among them are work pressure, worries related to money, troubles in relationship and even family issues. You will be shocked to know that in a recent report it was revealed that more than 75 % of people approaching an online medical news site reported for high stress level in life.

National Institute of Mental Health clearly mentioned that stress is nothing but the way a brain responds to the human demands in different situations. No doubt in the fact that each and every type of stress is always negative for life. Many do believe in the fact that they perform really well in life when there are in an atmosphere full of tremendous pressure. American people are high under threat due to high level of stress in life.

Experts like Prof. Hobfoll stated that Stress is completely responsible for almost all the major diseases known and unknown in the world of medical science. While analyzing deep into the root cause of any disease, it was detected that it’s nothing but the stress in life. Some of the most prominent sign of stress are anxiety, headache, depression and an attitude to go for sleep-deprivation. Medical science is working really hard to find what are the other ways in which stress can harm a human body?

Health of your heart:  American Heart Association revealed the fact that it can badly influence the human behaviour which can cause serious implication on the health of the human heart. Stress can reduce the flow of blood to heart. Getting addicted to wine or tendency of chain smoking are some of the indications which clearly states that you are under stress. You can notice obesity and a notable rise in blood pressure which will again give a bad indication towards heart health.

Attractive woman holding her head sitting at her deskDiabetes: It’s really shocking to know the fact that stress is directly responsible for the increase in the level of diabetes. The stress period increases the production of one of the most important hormone in body cortical, which in turn increases the glucose level.

Alzheimer: A population of more than five million of US is affected by this disease and one of the top 10 diseases responsible for death in US. Some past studies on the root cause behind the disease pointed stress as one of the reasons for the same. Although this is not the only reason behind Alzheimer, but as per research source it can be one of the prime reasons.

Fertility and pregnancy:  Quite a good number of couples in US face problems related to fertility and pregnancy. As per recent research stress is widely responsible for this problem. It can affect the sperm count in men leading to infertility. For women an enzyme present in the saliva which is stress-related can create a huge impact on the pregnancy and fertility of the woman.

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