Obesity can be cured if proper care is taken

Obesity can be cured if proper care is taken
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ObesityObesity is excessive accumulation of fat in a human body. Today, this is known to be a global health problem as the number of overweight people has surpassed world’s underfed population. Being overweight can be a potential threat to a person’s health. Body Mass Index is the key factor to measure various obesity levels. If a person has mild obesity, then his/her BMI will be less than 30, while having BMI more than 40 will be considered as morbid obesity. Similarly a person with more than 50 BMI is super obese, and he should start losing weight immediately. Based on recent health statistics, the obesity rate is constantly rising every year. This is an alarming situation as obesity leads to various health disorders.

Health problems due to obesity

There are several bad consequences of obesity to a human health. Obesity can cause the development of various ailments for example cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. When a person starts to suffer from these diseases and doesn’t address obesity it can cause to earlier death. Doctors say, 80 % cases of type 2 diabetes is caused due to obesity. Besides, obesity is also a major reason in the growth of colon and breast cancer. In addition to this, 70% of heart diseases are also triggered by obesity. Arthritis is a common health hazard that most obese people suffer from, since their bones and the muscles cannot take pressure of the excessive weight. More than 30% of gall bladder surgeries also take place because of obesity. These statistical discoveries are confirms that obesity is an extremely dangerous and life threatening health condition.

Emotional Effects

Obesity1Aside from various diseases, the psychological effects due to obesity should also be addressed. At times the mental effect is in fact more complex to deal with than the physical ailments. Obese people generally suffer low self-esteem which will deeply influence their personal as well as social life. They rarely have any friends since they often experience embarrassment by others. Many of them cannot even live a normal life due to their excessive weight. They feel shy and avoid interacting with others because of their inner fear that they might be taunted by people. Sometimes this leads to massive psychological setback when an overweight person does not find any emotional support. The mental effects are sometimes overlooked by many instead of addressing it in a right manner.

Other negative effects

Other damaging effects of being obese include changes in an individual’s body function. For example, an obese person will possibly have respiratory difficulty. Sometimes hormonal imbalances may crop up. Additionally, they usually suffer from fatigue, tiredness since they generally do not have much physical energy. Obese people are expected to die early as well.

But, the best part is that obesity is a preventable health condition and lots of people have been able to beat the disease as well as its effects successfully. With the help of healthy diet and physical exercises one can reduce his/her excess body fat and turn it to a perfect shape within few months.

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