Keeping Your Child Healthy: Two Items To Prioritize

Keeping Your Child Healthy: Two Items To Prioritize
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Once kids enter the picture, your life can feel like a free-for-all. Forget about your own schedule – just managing their school concerts, afternoon activities and play dates is practically a full-time job! One area of child-rearing logistics that may be particularly confusing (but is especially important) is keeping up with their healthcare appointments. These are your child’s two most important health-related needs that shouldn’t fall through the cracks.

Annual Check-Ups

From the time they’re born, children have regularly scheduled doctor appointments, often called well checks or well visits. These appointments are more frequent for infants and toddlers, but by the time your child enters kindergarten, they’ll only need to see the doctor once a year. However, it’s crucial that you keep track of these visits and schedule them well in advance, so that your child doesn’t miss important immunizations (which are often required for school). If you live in the Houston area, a good option is to find a family doctor houston tx. Like pediatricians, family doctors can take care of all of your child’s basic preventative health needs – and yours, too! Choosing this type of doctor will ensure that everyone in your family is receiving appropriate healthcare.

Dental Visits

Elementary schools will often screen students for hearing and vision problems, but your kids’ dental hygiene is your responsibility! Experts recommend that children should have their first dental check-up by the time they turn one, to ensure that the teeth and jaw are developing normally and to establish strong dental health habits. Some parents opt for a pediatric dentist, although many regular dentists will also see children beginning at age three or four. No matter what kind of dentist you choose, try to make it a relaxed, fun experience for your kids. Curtailing fear of the dentist from the get-go will give everyone a reason to smile.

Juggling doctor and dentist visits for multiple children can be complicated. As long as you stay organized and on track with appointments, you can rest assured that your kids’ health is taken care of – and can get back to scheduling play dates!

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