How to prevent diabetes in your daily life?

How to prevent diabetes in your daily life?
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Diabetes Mellitus is one of the “biggest killer diseases” to humans, after heart attacks and cancer. In recent decades, the number of diabetics is becoming increasingly faster than before. Many experts who work in the health field argue that this disease is caused by the deterioration of most people’s lifestyle, especially in some countries, including the United States, some countries in Western Europe, and some countries in Asia. Bad lifestyle is highly associated with increased consumption of fast food and soft drinks that is resulting directly in an increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Diabetes is a disease that is commonly associated with genetics, but this disease cannot be separated entirely from bad lifestyle because both of them (genetics&bad lifestyle) are interrelated.Diabetes_mellitus_body_layout

How can you prevent it? If you have a parent who is a diabetic then you have a greater risk for developing the disease. The first thing you have to realize that you should not be resigned to your fate, because the risk of diabetes can be changed. No need to worry, because by knowing the major cause of diabetes, then you can reduce the risk of diabetes by the percentage rate that is admirable. The oldest and most common suggestion is to reduce the consumption of sweet-taste foods and beverages. Familiarize yourself as much as possible to avoid or at least do a strict diet on sweet-taste foods and drinks. Consumption of food and beverages that have excessive sweetness can increase the blood sugar levels in your body to force your pancreas to work harder in producing the hormone insulin that is used to process the sugar that goes into your body. At a certain time, your pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin so much so that the sugar that cannot be processed would enter the blood and urine, and over the time will damage the functioning of your vital organs. One of the vital organs that are highly susceptible to excessive blood sugar levels is the kidney. If the human kidney is damaged, then the body will not be able anymore to throw dirt in the body and symptoms of poisoning will eventually come. Now, you can understand why most people with diabetes experienced acute kidney disorders and must rely on dialysis machines for the rest of their lives. This fact is very sad to us!

diabetesTo prevent diabetes early, you need to perform some simple steps in your daily life. One is by reducing foods that contain saturated fats like fast foods. These foods will increase cholesterol levels in your body which in turn will increase blood sugar levels. You also need to reduce the portion of white rice in your daily menu, as based on numerous studies, that white rice contains hidden dangers that are responsible for the increase in blood sugar levels in the human body. There are many diabetics who were confused about why they developed diabetes while they rarely consume sweet-taste foods and beverages. You must be diligent in eating a variety of vegetables and fruits, because some vegetables and fruits have a function to enhance the ability of the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin. It is located on the effect on the regeneration of pancreatic cells that can affect the control of blood sugar levels to a better direction. The next step is to do a stress control due to high levels of stress can disrupt control process of blood sugar levels in the body. You also need to do regular exercise as the final step in the prevention of blood sugar levels, because exercise has benefits in the processing of sugar that enters the body.

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