Bad habits those are harmful for your kidneys!

Bad habits those are harmful for your kidneys!
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kidneysThe kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body. Kidneys have a role to filter the blood. Every day we eat a variety of foods and beverages. Certainly in its processing, the ingredients will produce a lot of waste products and toxins. Kidneys duty is to remove harmful substances so that our body will not be poisoned. Each day, the kidneys have to filter 200 liters of blood (average blood volume in the adult human body), and produce 2 liters of residual substances that are mixed together with water and will be discharged in the form of urine.

Kidneys also have the function of maintaining a balance of acid and alkaline levels by removing excess acid and alkaline through urine. One important function is to control blood sugar levels in the body by regulating work processes of hormone insulin and adrenaline. We know that if blood sugar levels are not controlled, then over time will cause damage to various organs. From the explanation above, we know that the kidney has a very important function in human life.

But apparently there are some daily habits that can damage kidney function if continued for a long time. Let’s look at some of the bad habits mentioned below:
1. Drinking alcohol
Consumption of alcohol in large quantities and for long periods can cause damage to kidneys. So far, most people think that the bad effects of alcohol only occurs in the liver, but it turns out that the kidneys may also be affected by the problem, therefore care of your kidneys by reducing or better yet do not consume alcoholic beverages.
2. Smoking
Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits known to man as it is the main driving force, and it turns out that cigarettes can interfere with blood circulation. If the blood circulation is compromised, then the kidney function will also be affected because these organs are forced to work harder, and if you can analogize with the engine, so if a machine is forced to work beyond it’s capacity then the machine will be broken.
3. Soft drinks
A study conducted in 2008 states that people who consume two glasses of soda every day had a great propensity for kidney disease. There is no very clear connection between soda and kidneys, but some experts suspect this is as a result of the content of the high levels of phosphoric acid in soft drinks.
4. Holding pee too often
This bad habit is often done by women and this habit lead to bladder pressure and can interfere with kidney function.
5. Lack of drinking water
If you have this bad habit, then leave now! Remember that water can help in the process of removing toxins from the blood, and the lack of drinking water can encourage the buildup of toxins in the blood which in turn will trigger the kidneys work harder.
6. Lack of exercise
Exercise can reduce the risk of kidney problems by 30 percent and you definitely know what would happen in the next years if you do not exercise regularly.Switzerland. Geneva. Poverty in Geneva. Jean, 54 years old, is a swiss citizen. He is an alcoholic, unemployed and lives from social welfare. He lays in bed at home in his  messy rented flat and smokes a cigarette . © 1988 Didier Ruef
7. Less vitamin
Lack of vitamin B6 can encourage the formation of kidney stones. Some foods that are highly recommended for consumption are peas, beef liver, fish, and potatoes.
8. Excess salt
Salt make cuisine to be good to eat, but if you overdo the salt consume then your blood pressure will likely continue to rise, and in time, your kidneys will be forced to work harder and we know what will happen.
9. Certain drugs
Consumption of certain drugs can make impaired renal function. You should immediately consult a doctor if you start to feel the symptoms that indicate your kidney disturbed.

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