6 Ways to Be Content With What You Have

6 Ways to Be Content With What You Have
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Feeling discontented with your life can be a miserable experience. On the other hand, it can be a powerful motivator to make changes in your life. All too often, however, we think overhauling our lives means changing external circumstances. But true contentment ultimately comes from within and centers around the biggest key to fulfillment in life – gratitude.

There will always be external circumstances that you would like to change. Sometimes, you have the power to do so, and sometimes you don’t. The liberating truth is that you can always change your mindset and embrace all that is yours with a new outlook. If you have a safe, clean place to live and good health, then you already have plenty to be happy about. Here are five ways to be content with what you have.

Make a gratitude list

Take some time before work or before bedtime to write down three things that you’re grateful for every day. But never write down one thing twice. Every gratitude list should be unique. Practicing this will mean you have to dig deep sometimes, but after a while, you may be surprised how easy the process becomes.

This popular practice has earned the credit it’s given. It proves the power of perspective and enables you to have remain positive throughout every season of life. Especially when setting ambitious goals, it allows you to step back and recognize all of the good around you.

Rediscover your loved ones

You don’t have to write an essay but send short notes to loved ones expressing gratitude for their presence in your life and the things they’ve done for you. Send these the old-fashioned way, by regular mail. It gives them something they can hold in their hands and can hold onto forever. Another way to avoid discontentment is to stop focusing on the things you want to change in your life and help someone else instead. Offering a helping hand, an open heart and open ears, or kind words. These actions provide you with a sense of belonging and remind you that you are essential as a person.

Reclaim your home environment

Rather than dwelling on not having the best and the newest appliances in your home – or wishing you had a new home altogether – look for ways you can improve what you have. Show gratitude through diligent home maintenance.You might also consider culling your possessions a bit. There are many benefits to decluttering, including reducing stress and increasing focus and productivity.Finally, cleaning your home thoroughly can make it feel brand new. It’s like the dirt and grime wasn’t just removed from your living space but lifted from your life as well.

Practice mindful eating

Mindful eating involves looking at eating as a ritual rather than a mindless habit. Pause when you sit down for a meal and remember that you’re fortunate to have the opportunity to give your body what it needs. Eat slowly, and only eat until you’re full. Research which foods provide the most nutrients and slowly begin to replace unhealthy foods with revitalizing ones.

Care for your skin

Your skin covers your entire body and, other than your eyes, is a key representation of how you care for yourself and whether or not you have “that certain glow.” By choosing to eat healthy foods, you’ve already taken action to promote healthy skin. Staying adequately hydrated and using sunscreen are also simple ways to say ‘thank you’ to your skin.

Appreciate the small wins

If you’re someone who only pats yourself on the back when something life-changing happens, you probably have a hard time being proud of your everyday work. It’s hard to feel successful without external rewards. However, it can be exhausting to always strive to the next “big thing.” Quite frankly, too much ambition can quickly turn into constant discontent without even realizing it. Try to make a habit of appreciating all of the little wins throughout your day. Before you go to bed, give a little praise to those wins. All of the hard work you put in every day is the ultimate indicator of future success and should be looked at with the same amount of appreciation as the big wins.

There are so many areas of life that we oversee the small wins. In our work it could be chasing after a raise, bonus, or promotion instead of appreciating the 40+ hours of work you put in during the week. Maybe it’s chasing a weight loss goal—instead of celebrating your commitment to a new diet and workout routine, you shame yourself when the scale doesn’t immediately change.

Whatever it is for you, remember that it’s all part of the process. Instead of feeling down because you haven’t reached the next best thing, try to get some perspective. Allow yourself to appreciate where you’re at on your journey. Recognize that your reaction to this process will determine your success in the long-run. Slow down, breathe, and smile. Think about all of the things that have happened in your life that your younger self wouldn’t believe was possible. Be thankful for what you have, spend time with your loved ones, prioritize your home, take care of yourself, and appreciate the small wins.

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