The Best Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin

The Best Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin
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Whether you struggle with acne or dry skin, finding the time and products to keep your skin healthy and soft can be incredibly difficult. There are steps you can take, however, that will help your skin look effortlessly beautiful—and keep you looking younger longer.


There are many types of facials that range widely in price, but some offer more benefits to your skin than others. The treatments will make more of a difference as the price increases and specialized equipment is introduced, but pay attention to what services they’re offering; the most expensive isn’t always the best option. Experts agree that having a facial Norfolk VA semi-regularly, depending on the issue you’re hoping to address, is best for your skin. Your skin will still benefit, however, if you can only afford to go once or twice a year.

Home Skin Routine

This is incredibly important for healthy skin. If time is a problem, you should still wash and moisturize your face in the morning and at night; never sleep with your makeup on, as it clogs your pores. If you’re okay with a little more commitment, an easy five-step skincare routine is to use a cleanser, a cleansing foam toner, essence and then lotion. Additionally, try to exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and consider using a face mask a few times a week.  

Sun Protection

Before you apply your makeup, always use a face lotion with SPF to protect your skin not just from direct burns, but from age spots, sun spots and wrinkles, helping your skin stay looking younger for longer.

Diet and Hydration

Your diet and hydration actually really affect your skin. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin looking springy and soft, while certain vegetables and fruits contain natural ingredients, including Vitamin C and antioxidants, that help your skin fight off bacteria and repair existing damage.

Maintaining healthy skin doesn’t take much of a time investment; even a five step process takes only a few minutes. In return, however, you’ll see positive results for years to come.

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