The most successful home remedies for fever

The most successful home remedies for fever
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homeremediesDo you or your kid suffer from the low fever often?  This is worthwhile to choose the best suitable home remedies for fever to get the best result directly. People who prefer these home remedies can get rid of health problems further.  Among many homes remedies for fever, the following details reveal a few home remedies.


Add one teaspoon of pure tulsi leaves to a cup of hot water and steep for a few minutes. Drink this water at least three times a day to get the most favorable result.  Many residents add elderflowers, yarrow, and peppermint to a cup of hot water to get the most effective result.  They place a slice of raw onion at their feet’s bottom and wrap their feet in a warm blanket.  They also recommend a teaspoon of mustard seeds of high quality in nature to a cup of hot water. They steep it for ten minutes and then drink this water for a few times.  Some individuals notice the ever increasing fever on their forehead. They have to slice a fresh potato and then soak these slices well in vinegar for a few minutes.  If they place these slices in their forehead and washcloth on top of it, they can get the complete support to reduce their fever gradually.

670px-Cure-a-Fever-at-Home-Step-8Treat yourself

If you give a sponge bath yourself, you can feel comfort and safe.  This is advisable to sponging high-heat areas including armpits to reduce your body temperature because the water evaporates.  Many people who suffer from fever do not take a bath. They can put cold, damp washcloths on their forehead and neck’s backside.  If they prefer a cup of yarrow tea, they can get reduced fever within a few hours. This is because the nature of this herb to open pores and activates the sweating activities.  This is valuable to enhance the spice to reduce fever as awaited. One of the hot ingredients in spice food items is capsaicin.  The potential of cayenne in the food items make adult individuals to sweat through the rapid promotion of blood circulation.

Drink water and juices

Many medical professionals suggest that activities like cooling the whole body reasonably during the fever can help a lot to reduce the fever. You can wrap yourself in a clean sheet that is soaked well in cold water.  If your body experiences the coldness from this sheet for 15 minutes, your fever gets decreased noticeably.  Some people hate to drink water when they suffer from fever. They have to drink at least 10 glasses of pure water a day so as to get the complete support from their body to reduce fever. As compared to choosing usual drinks, this is advisable to prefer sports drinks that support a lot to replace fluids and minerals that lost to dehydration. One of the best sports drinks is Gatorade.  If you drink a glass of fruit juices like orange juices rich in vitamin C, your fever level gets reduced.  You have to prefer cold grapes that provide the most essential hydration and soothing treat.

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