Make Your Body Feel Better In The Natural Way

Make Your Body Feel Better In The Natural Way
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Unlike today, our forefathers have been using nature’s inherent gifts in order to cure sickness particularly the common ones. These so-called natural medications or home treatments can be found easily around us including but not limited to the following items: vegetables, fruits, herbs, vitamins and minerals, juices and teas, and essential oils.

Home Treatments and Natural Remedies

Basically, before science progressed and made its discoveries resulting to the creation of various medicines offered in different forms, home or natural remedies were the main method of curing diseases. In truth, prescriptions being offered today especially the expensive ones are usually created from natural sources, which are common and inexpensive, like herbal plants, teas and juices, as well as, vitamins and minerals and others as mentioned above.

The following list of natural remedies that can be found at home has been proven as effective cures for a variety of illness as included. For instance, natural elements like fish oil and niacin are now available as prescribed medications featuring a higher potency than the ones being offered as their over-the-counter equivalents.

– Fish oil is great for the skin as well as for a healthier heart and brain.
– Niacin is a better remedy for lowering high levels of cholesterol than other prescribed medicines.
– Red yeast rice is very effective for the reduction of total cholesterol level.
– Tea is a well-known drink and serves as a great antioxidant as well as a cancer preventive remedy.
– Cinnamon is a great treatment particularly for people with low immune system resistance because it strengthens the body’s natural defences.
– Ginseng, another popular natural cure to a lot of health related problems, is known for enhancing energy and improving the body’s blood flow, among other benefits.
– Other home remedies that can be easily found in the kitchen are salt, vinegar, and lemon. Salt destroys unwanted bacteria and helps lessen inflammation while vinegar lessens high blood sugar level and controls appetite. Lastly, lemons are known to be strong antioxidants and they are filled with Vitamin C. If you would like to learn some more natural cures for common health conditions like the common cold, check out this informative article on home remedies for a runny nose.

Herbal Treatments

Home RemediesIn the next list of natural remedies, you will be provided with various different herbs and the related benefits that they impart. The use of this kind of method in treating illnesses is termed as herbalism; here are the examples of beneficial herbs.

– Aloe vera has many uses including healing burns.
– Green tea is beneficial for lessening the rate of breast cancer development.
– Artichokes are great for the reduction of high cholesterol level in the blood.
– Cranberries are recognized as effective cure for urinary tract infection.
– Herbs like meadowsweet and willow bark are suitable against infection and inflammation.
– Calendula is an effective cramp reliever.
– Echinacea is an ideal cure for common colds.
– Ginger can lessen the likelihood of vomiting and/or nausea.
– Peppermint oil is a great cure for IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.
– Valerian root is useful when curing health insomniac signs and symptoms.

Take note that the use of herbs has a long history of successfully treating numerous ailments so you can be certain that such remedies are beneficial.

The Use of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

The subsequent list will now feature essential oils with their therapeutic elements. Essential oils are usually used in aromatherapy for health improvement purposes. It has been known that using natural and organic oils are highly effective against unhealthy effects from bacteria and viruses. Examples of essential oils that one should consider are the following:

*Tea tree oil (great for acne treatment)
*Lavender oil (promotes calming effect and generally wonderful for the skin)
*Lemon oil (essential for the improvement of bad moods like depression and stressful feelings), and
*Lemongrass oil (suitable for cleaning purposes).

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic treatment is mainly centered on the idea of what they call “like cures like” or the law of similar, which simply means that the remedy is to awaken the body’s natural defenses in order to cure the illness’ signs and symptoms. The success of homeopathy lies on the fact that it primarily heals the whole body and not just the particular ailment. In this kind of treatment method, only the remedies taken from nature are utilized like vegetation extracts, mineral deposits, and animal sources.


Just remember, like any other kind of treatments, learn to be careful and always follow provided directions. Do not overuse or overindulge because excessive use of something even if considered harmless is never good. Lastly, always consult your doctor on any health problems and the home remedies that you are using.

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