Natural ways to treat yellow teeth successfully

Natural ways to treat yellow teeth successfully
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images (2)Do you avoid smiling in the presence of others since you have yellow teeth?  You can take note of the following natural ways to treat yellow teeth.  If you follow these natural remedies for your yellow teeth, you can easily have white teeth that increase your good-looking and confidence to smile in public.


You can eat a crunchy apple to scrub your teeth naturally.  You can eat at least one apple per day to improve your health and white teeth.  You have to chew apples thoroughly so as to get the best result.

Holy Basil

Holy basil leaves have whitening properties on the whole. You have to place a few holy basil leaves in the sun for an hour and then grind them into pure powder.  You can mix this powder in your usual toothpaste to brush your teeth. You can easily get white teeth as awaited. The potential of holy basil leaves support you get white teeth and keep away from teeth problems.


Lemons are rich in the natural bleaching properties.  You can mix lemon juice and salt together well. You have to apply this paste on your stained teeth and then rub the paste efficiently.  You have to rinse your mouth on the whole with pure water after five to ten minutes. If you do this natural treatment two times a day, you can get the best result.

imagesOrange Peel

The easiest method to reduce the level of yellow tinge on your teeth is to clean your teeth by using fresh orange peel.  You have to rub orange peel on your teeth before you go to bed and then leave it for the whole night.  You can get the most excellent result since orange peel is rich in the vitamin C and calcium.


One of the fundamental cleansing agents for teeth is salt. Pure salt has the finest stuff to revive white color of teeth within a short period.  You have to use common salt instead of your toothpaste to brush your teeth regularly.  If you wish to get the most effective result, you can mix baking soda and common salt together.


Vitamin C in strawberries gives you the best support to make your teeth as white as possible.  You have to take fresh strawberries and then grind these strawberries into a paste.  You can rub this paste on your teeth twice a day to get rid of yellow tinge on teeth.

You can also use a paste of baking soda and one strawberry pulp on your teeth and leave it for a few minutes.  You can rinse off with cold water and then brush your teeth as usual.


As the best home remedy for yellow teeth problem, charcoal gets a good recognition all through the world. Crystal based chemical elements in the charcoal gives you the finest support when you gently brush your teeth by using these powder.  You have to brush twice a day by using charcoal or burnt rosemary or burnt bread to get the effective result.

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