4 Reasons You Should Make Dental Health a Priority

4 Reasons You Should Make Dental Health a Priority
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When you’re busy and stressed, it can be very easy to miss those all too important dental check-ups! Likewise, when you are tired and just want to go to bed, most of us have skipped brushing our teeth on occasion.

We all know that it’s important to look after our teeth, but just how important often isn’t clear until we already have a problem.

Toothache is a Headache

Attending dental checkups regularly and being mindful about brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily is one of the most effective ways of avoiding tooth decay and gum disease.

Toothache is incredibly painful, and it can stop you from enjoying your life in the same way that you usually would. Plus, you will generally find yourself having to book in for an emergency dental procedure, which is a pain and expense that you could avoid by putting in the time to look after your teeth before an issue develops.

Increases Life Expectancy

A recent article suggested that patients who still have a full set of teeth at age 74 have a significantly higher chance of making it to 100.

There are potentially a few reasons behind this. Generally, people who take good care of their oral health are likely to take care of their health in other areas, too, so it would make sense that they would be the ones who lived to be 100.

However, there is also the fact that poor physical health often manifests early in the mouth. Therefore, if you are regularly attending dental check-ups, you are likely to catch any issues much earlier than you would otherwise.

There is also a link between poor oral health and heart conditions. The bacteria that forms in our mouths when we have a tooth or gum infection can potentially get into our bloodstream, where it can impact the heart. So, by looking after your teeth, you are looking after your heart, too!

Promotes Good Mental Health

Having a smile that you can be proud of is an integral part of good mental health. Smiling is how we connect with other people, and if we are feeling self-conscious about our teeth and, therefore, not smiling as much, it can impact our relationships.

The same is also true if you develop gum disease, as this often comes hand in hand with bad breath. Bad breath can make it difficult to be part of social situations because it makes you self conscious.

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Improved Quality of Life

Regular dental care prevents issues like gum disease and tooth decay, both of which can lead to the loss of teeth.

People who have missing teeth can find that they are not able to eat comfortably. They can also find that they have trouble with speaking, as missing teeth can impact your ability to pronounce words correctly.

By taking the time to look after your teeth, you ensure that you have a greater quality of life and better health all around.

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