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Plastic Surgery

Why should you avoid cosmetic surgery? 0

Every person has a desire to look smart all through the lifetime. Many people have difficulties with their physical appearance. They have an idea to choose a cosmetic surgical procedure to enhance their look entirely. Do you have the same idea? You have to avoid cosmetic surgical procedure when you wish to improve your physical health and m… Read More

Cosmetic surgery-lip surgery 0

Lip surgery is also called as lip augmentation which is one of cosmetic procedure to give plumper and fuller lips. Now day’s injectable dermal filler are used for the lip augmentation technique. Many other types can also be injected in patient’s lips and other parts of mouth. Mostly common fillers like hyaluronic acid is used for manuf… Read More

Things involved in the rhinoplasty procedure 0

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the nose in a good way. Understanding the procedure of the nose surgery is very important because it is a sensitive plastic surgery. There are dos and don’ts available in the nose surgery and people can acquire the knowledge by reading the articles available on… Read More

Do’s and don’ts of nose surgery 0

Nose surgery is a procedure that is carried out by either an otolaryngologist, maxillofacial surgeon or a plastic surgeon. An otolaryngologist is medical specialist who deals with; nose, ear and throat. The maxillofacial surgeon focuses on the jaw, neck and face. Plastic surgeons specialize in corrective surgery of any body tissue. Th… Read More