What Can Plastic Surgery Do For You?

What Can Plastic Surgery Do For You?
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Plastic surgery is an elective medical specialty involving the repair, restoration, or modification of the body. It may be subdivided into two major fields: plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery generally involves hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, burns, and others. Reconstructive surgery on the other hand, involves such procedures as the repositioning, reconstructing of abnormal tissues, correcting cranial defects, dental surgery, facial plastic surgery, dental implants, face lifts, ear surgery, limb amputation, and facial cosmetic surgery. Some plastic surgeons perform work in both fields.

Plastic surgery is categorized according to the methods used for its procedures. The various techniques include autologous fat transfer, total hip replacement, total knee replacement, thigh replacement, breast augmentations, liposuction, face lift, and breast augmentation. Liposuction is the most popular of all procedures and is done by injecting a fat liquid into the localized fat deposits. This is followed by the use of localized anesthesia.

There are many plastic surgeries performed for improving the appearance of the patient and these include rhinoplasty, nose surgery, chin surgery, and face lift. Rhinoplasty is used to correct the functional characteristics of the nose, including a deviated septum. For treating functional abnormalities of the nose, surgeons use external cartilage cells and endoscopic laser ablation. Chin surgery relieves the burden of the upper jaw due to excessive fat buildup. Nose surgery removes the deviated septum and its resulting wrinkles.

Some cosmetic procedures are performed to improve the overall appearance of a patient’s face and body. Liposuction is one such procedure and this uses a suction-sealed tube to suck out fat cells or even an entire part of the organ. A skilled plastic surgeon can perform this successfully. Similarly, a face lift removes excess skin and pulls up the sagging skin in the forehead.

Other types of plastic surgery include the reconstructive treatment. Reconstructive cosmetic surgery can help to restore a person to an ideal physical appearance and this may involve the replacement of missing body parts. The most common reconstructive operation is a tummy tuck which is used to remove surplus fat or skin that results from the loss of a tummy. Another popular reconstructive technique is the body contouring procedure that improves the posture and figure. It also involves the removal of unwanted fat, muscle groups.

Cosmetic plastic surgery can also be done to treat facial disfigurements caused by injuries, burns or skin cancer. This can include liposuction to improve the symmetry of the facial features, eyelid repositioning or reduction of excessive skin folds. Another popular cosmetic surgical procedure used to treat facial disfiguration is chin implants. Chin implants increase the volume of the chin and improve its appearance. Plastic surgeons can carry out any kind of cosmetic surgery but each patient should be treated carefully because some facial injuries may lead to permanent damage to the skin or central nervous system.

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