What You Need To Know About Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

What You Need To Know About Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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If part of your body has been damaged or deformed due to birth defects, disease, trauma or developmental abnormalities, you may be wondering about plastic surgery. While many people think of plastic surgery as merely beautifying procedures, reconstructive plastic surgery is different from cosmetic surgery. Here are some important things you need to know about reconstructive plastic surgery.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is Medically Necessary

There are basically two sub-specialties in plastic surgery: reconstructive and cosmetic. While both categories fall under the umbrella of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery is considered medically necessary while cosmetic surgery is not. Specialists in plastic surgery Raleigh NC perform reconstructive surgery on patients to restore normal function of the body. Some examples of reconstructive surgery are breast reconstruction, skin cancer removal and breast reduction. Both categories of plastic surgery ultimately improve the physical appearance of each patient.

Insurance Coverage Varies

Differentiating between reconstructive and plastic surgery can be tricky. One example includes nose surgery. A patient may need to have nose surgery to restore normal breathing after breaking their nose; however, the surgery may also be seen as cosmetic since the physical appearance of the nose will be improved. Because the lines are often blurred when it comes to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, consult your insurance company to determine coverage for specific procedures.

Doctors Should Be Board-Certified

One qualification you should insist on for a plastic surgeon is board-certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification guarantees that your doctor has completed significant training on the subject matter, rather than just a weekend course. Reconstructive surgery can be complex and life-changing; therefore, you want your doctor to be medically trained to perform your procedure safely and correctly.

Reconstructive plastic surgery restores regular function of the body and improves physical appearance. Insist that your plastic surgeon be board-certified, and discuss potential procedures with your insurance company before starting any treatment.

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