Why Your Pharmacy Needs an IVR System

Why Your Pharmacy Needs an IVR System
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Right now, when customers and others call your pharmacy, you might handle phone calls the old-fashioned way. You might have always thought that IVR systems were more for bigger businesses than a smaller business like yours, so you might have never put much consideration into implementing one. However, pharmacy IVR systems can be very helpful for even the smallest of pharmacies for these reasons.

Direct Calls to Where They Need to Go

There might be different areas of your pharmacy where different types of business are handled. With an IVR system, you can make sure that calls are directed to where they need to go. For example, when doctors or others who work in medical facilities call to call in refills for their patients, you can make it easier for their calls to be directed to the pharmacy counter. If someone is calling about general information, their call can be easily directed straight to the front desk or the office.

Minimize Manpower

Another good thing about implementing an IVR system in your pharmacy is the fact that you can minimize the number of people who have to work each shift. Right now, it might be hard for you and your employees to keep up with phone calls and other tasks that need to be done. With an IVR system handling part of the phone calls, you can minimize the number of employees who have to be on staff at any given time. This reduces manpower costs for your business.

Help Customers Feel Like They’re Valued

If your customers call your pharmacy and don’t get an answer, even outside of regular business hours, this might upset them and make them feel as if they aren’t valued customers. By having an IVR system in place, however, you can provide general information and answers to customers even when you aren’t able to answer, which can help them feel more valued. Your pharmacy needs an IVR system, even if it’s a smaller business. These don’t cost a ton of money to implement, and they’re definitely worth the cost for many small pharmacies.

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