What is an electronic cigarette?

What is an electronic cigarette?
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woman smoking e-cigaretteAs increasing numbers of people take up vaping electronic cigarettes, many more people are wondering what they are.

Firstly, electronic cigarettes are also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs though some people also refer to them as being a personal vapouriser or vapour cigarettes.

Most people, despite the variety of names, know them as electronic cigarettes.

The reason for this is that at the heart of the e-cig is an electronic device called an atomiser to heat up the liquid and turn that liquid into a vapour.

Flavoured vapours for e-cigs

It’s this vapour that is inhaled by the user in exactly the same way as if they were smoking a tobacco cigarette.

However, the similarity ends there because the vapour cloud does not contain as many dangerous ingredients as tobacco smoke does and is a healthier alternative.

The vapour itself contains nicotine so feels like a natural substitute for tobacco smoke and brings the enjoyment that a normal tobacco cigarette would bring.

One of the positives for a smoker to take up vaping is that they can decrease the amount of nicotine that their e-cig contains to help them give up their habit.

Give up smoking with electronic cigarettes

ecig2The liquid, or e-liquid, contained in an electronic cigarette consists of either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol – both ingredients that are used in food flavouring and cooking.

The nicotine is in a liquid form and most users have a flavouring to help them enjoy the electronic cigarette experience.

It’s these flavourings of electronic cigarettes that is helping to fuel the boom in e-cig use and they come in a wide range including normal tobacco flavourings as well as various fruits and unusual tastes such as beer, coffee and energy drink!

There’s a wide range of high street and online retailers who are selling electronic cigarette starter packs and flavourings fairly cheaply though it’s always wise to use a reputable and well-established supplier, such as vapingliquid.com.

E-cigs are cheaper and healthier

That is essentially what an electronic cigarette consists of – it’s a device that heats up a flavoured liquid to deliver a vapour that contains nicotine and replicates the smoking of a normal tobacco cigarette.

There are many reasons for making the switch to vaping e-cigs including the fact that they are much cheaper than normal smoking, a smoker will only be spending 15% of their normal amount, and they are a healthier option.

There’s also a growing body of research that states that switching to electronic cigarettes is the best way for smokers to give up their habit in the long term.

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