The Adoption Triad And How It Works

The Adoption Triad And How It Works
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AdoptionDuring the adoption process the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adoptee are all dependent on each other. This intimate grouping is called the adoption triad. The adoption is beneficial to each member of the three-sided relationship.


Triad Benefits

The birth mother and father benefit from the knowledge that loving parents are available to raise their baby or child during a time it is not feasible for either of them to do so. The adoptive parents benefit from the opportunity to love and raise a child they desperately want. The adoptee benefits because loving birth parents are interested in the welfare of their child and are willing to allow the child to be placed in a loving home. According to the American Pregnancy Association, most adoptions occur due to a problematic situation that is difficult to resolve, and the adoption process can provide a positive solution benefiting all involved.


Birth Parent Benefits

For the birth parents, and specifically the mother, a substantial number of benefits are available and paid for by the adoptive parents. Housing assistance is provided, as is prenatal and delivery expense, counseling fees, and the fees of doctors and medical support staff. In addition to counseling services for the birth mother, her family members may also be eligible to receive support services. According to American Adoptions, the adoptive parents also cover the attorney fees and other legal expenses. Educational goals and dreams for birth parents and the child placed for adoption can all come true. Birth parents also benefit from the security of meeting and choosing the adoptive parents they feel will best love and care for their child.


Adopted Child Benefits

The infant or child being placed with adoptive parents benefits from the love and devotion of adoptive parents who are financially and emotionally able to provide the kind of nurture and support the child needs. The adoptive home may include one or more brothers and sisters to play and grow with. The child also benefits by having the opportunity for a good primary education with the option to attend college. The love and support of a family provides a child with self-assurance and encouragement to tackle the decisions and choices they need to make, as they become young adults. The adopted child receives very important support.


Adoption1Adoptive Parent And Family Benefits

For those parents unable to have their own child, and adoption offers the joy and happiness of bringing a child into their home to love and nourish. Adoptive parents also get to observe and experience the prenatal months of the child they are adopting, including some doctor appointments and ultrasounds. This can be a very emotional bonding experience with the child that will soon be theirs. Adopted children freely offer their love to their new parents and it is the greatest benefit any family can receive.


Whenever a young woman wants to follow through with her pregnancy but feels unable to provide her child with a quality lifestyle, adoption is a practical and loving choice.

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