Stay at Home Even if the Government Eases Quarantine Restrictions

Stay at Home Even if the Government Eases Quarantine Restrictions
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After a few weeks of implementing various forms of quarantine restrictions, some governments are considering about easing them. It might be understandable under certain circumstances. It’s also reasonable that some businesses have to reopen to start the economy moving again. The global economy will emerge in a full on depression, not seen since the depression in the United States back in the 1390s.

This decision to start easing lockdowns and moving the economy forward considers various factors and not only based on healthcare-related issues. If you ask medical experts, many of them will tell you that we still don’t have this virus under control. However, the practicalities of avoiding a return to the stone age depend upon the global economy making as swift a recovery as is reasonably practicable.

Immuno-compromised family

Even if you’re young and healthy, not everyone in your family may be in robust health. If you go outside and interact with people who might be carriers of the virus, you could be at risk of spreading it to others. Once you get exposed, and you go home, you’re bringing the virus with you. You’re also placing your family members at risk, especially if they have underlying health conditions. If you have elderly family members or those with underlying conditions, you have to be more considerate. You don’t want to regret it later because you have brought the infection home and they become severely ill as a result.

Second wave 

Many medical professionals suggest that we could face a second wave of infections. If things go back to normal, mass gatherings and interactions could lead to potential infections. It might happen a few months from now, but no-one is completely sure. Just when we thought that things are under control, they could go the other way. If the second wave happens, hospitals might get overwhelmed, and not all patients will receive quality care.

Work from home if possible 

These past few weeks, you may have managed to continue your job from home. You’re lucky if you were able to keep your job as a result, given that a lot of people have lost their jobs and income. Since you can continue working and be productive while at home, you are contributing to maintaining good health and reducing the chances of passing on the virus.

You can still get medical help 

It’s understandable if you want to go out and get medical help. In most countries, there are fewer restrictions for people who need to head out to get medical attention. If you feel ill and you can’t see a doctor, you can at least take medication. You don’t have to leave home to buy medication.

To make things more convenient to buy antibiotics online UK pharmacies will arrange for delivery direct to your door if you need them to treat your illness. The process is straightforward and is time efficient. You will receive the medicine direct to your home. Take or apply the medication as prescribed and ensure the entire course of medication is taken or applied in full.

Everyone is going through some forms of social distancing right now. We have to be patient until things get back to normal. It could take a while, but we will get there.

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