Signs You Need to Check Into Rehab for Substance Abuse

Signs You Need to Check Into Rehab for Substance Abuse
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Not a lot of people have the consciousness to realize that they’re falling down a very dangerous rabbit hole of substance abuse. Indeed, lucky are those who are able to catch themselves, and thus are able to take immediate action to reverse it. 

Finding the signs telling you that you need to check into rehab does not come easily, however. More often than not, this realization will not happen unless it is directly acknowledged that a problem exists and that you are ready to fix it. Being ready to admit it, however, does not necessarily guarantee an easy journey to recovery. 

Nonetheless, that is a good start, and so should be a good foundation for committing to rehabilitation. Meanwhile, here are some signs that might indicate you are in need of rehabilitation from substance abuse. 

Stronger Cravings

Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, one of the most definitive signs that you may be in too deep already is your cravings. When they become stronger and more frequent, it means that your body has gotten so used to being flooded with the drugs or alcohol that: a) it begins to think it needs more of it to function, and b) you need more of it because the current dose you’re taking is no longer satisfying your cravings.

This craving can be so strong that it leads you to act upon things in ways that you would otherwise never do. For example, you begin weaving lies to cover your tracks, and also to get more money to maintain your habit.

Escalation is usually not too far behind in this case. Especially if the person you’re seeking support from no longer wishes to give you money because they’ve figured out you’re only using it for your drugs or alcohol, then this rejection might breed resentment, and even lead to misdemeanors such as theft.


A strong visual sign you need to go to rehab is the paraphernalia scattered about in your space. For alcoholics, this visual cue would be empty bottles of liquor. Most likely, you would also have a hidden supply that you can easily dip your hands into without anyone else knowing. 

Check your cupboard and trash; are there more empty bottles than food? In that case, you might be drinking way beyond what is normal and acceptable. 

For drug addicts, on the other hand, it could be used needles, foil, candles or lighters, or any other item that they use to carry out their habit. Check your immediate surroundings. If they’re constantly there, then coming to visit Mile High Continuing Care might be a good idea at this point. 

Changes in Personality, Mood, Disposition

Have you been hearing your family and friends wonder out loud what happened to you? Why has your behavior suddenly seemingly change uncharacteristically? Try and observe if your temper flares up a lot quicker than it used to. 

Have you also been acting very hostile to the people around you, ignoring them, or straight out picking unwarranted fights? That may be the substance abuse talking, but just the same, your family and friends would be devastated to receive such treatment from you. 

A stint in a rehabilitation facility might be able to help turn things around for you. It’s not too late; seek the help that you deserve as soon as possible.

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