Regaining Sobriety with Faith-Based Services

Regaining Sobriety with Faith-Based Services
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alcohol rehabilitationDrug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have long utilized the concept of a higher power to help people regain sobriety. Many programs tell addicts and alcoholics to give their burdens over to this higher power and focus on living each day clean and sober. Whether you are a long-time believer or someone who is totally foreign to spirituality or religion, you may benefit from entering a Christian-based recovery program to overcome your drug use or drinking problem. You can find out more by reading online details like A Guide to Christian Rehabs and other virtual resources geared toward addicts and alcoholics. You also can get answers to questions that many addicts and alcoholics have like Does Trauma Lead to Addiction and other queries that make you wonder how you started using in the first place.

The Benefits of Faith-Based Recovery
Many addicts and alcoholics who check themselves into treatment report feeling lonely and without anyone to love them. Even if they have a big family and lots of friends and loved ones, they may still feel isolated in their addictions. The idea that anyone could love them seems totally foreign and even scary to them. They believe that their addictions are so ugly and so devastating that they are not worthy of having anyone love them.

When they enter a program that introduces and relies on God and Gospel teachings more than medications and secular approaches to healing, addicts and alcoholics find the solace and healing that have eluded them in secular society. They often take comfort in the facility’s teaching that God loves them despite of their sin and that healing is always available to them. They learn that God’s mercy is all-encompassing and that it is available to anyone who looks to God for help.

Because the Christian faith can be so diverse, people who enter one of these facilities may wonder if they can pray and meet with someone from their particular denomination. This courtesy may be arranged, and religious leaders like priests, pastors, and ministers may be welcomed into the facility to pray with and guide patients toward recovery. These religious leaders are considered an important part of an addict’s recovery team.

Someone who is not familiar with Christianity or religion, however, may not know where to start in this aspect of the program. He or she may have never read the Bible, learned to pray, or even learned the names of the people in the Bible like Jesus or the Virgin Mary. People who want to convert to Christianity or simply take comfort in the healing and comfort found with Christian scripture may be paired with a religious leader who can instruct them and also answer their questions about faith. Addicts who simply prefer to stay non-denominational or focus on spirituality instead can likewise be accommodated in the program.

Other Services Geared Toward Sobriety
alcohol rehabilitation1Christian-based recovery programs do center a lot on Biblical and Scriptural approaches to healing. However, these facilities also use secular approaches to helping people regain sobriety. For example, they may use medication as needed for patients who require pain medications, antibiotics, and other medicines for illnesses and emotional conditions.

Likewise, these facilities also use counseling as a way of helping people heal. Addicts may meet individually with therapists and also meet in group sessions with fellow patients at the center. These counseling sessions allow patients to vent and to also learn coping mechanisms to avoid using or drinking again once they reenter secular society.

These centers also may take third-party insurance to help people pay for their rehab bills. Many of these faith-based programs are included as in-network providers of drug and alcohol rehab services.

Getting More Information
Committing to a faith-based program can be overwhelming. People may want more information before entering the program. They can use the contact options found on the website to get specific information and to also get their questions answered.

The website has an online form that people can fill out and submit with their specific questions. The form allows the company to either call or email the answers and information that people need. People can also use the blog to learn more about Christian-based recovery services and also addiction and alcoholism in general.

You may regain sobriety with the help of spiritual guidance and prayer. You can learn more about the services offered in Christian drug rehabilitation. You can also discover the benefits other people have experienced in faith-based treatment.

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