North Dover Radiology-A Highly Accredited Imaging Center In Southern New Jersey

North Dover Radiology-A Highly Accredited Imaging Center In Southern New Jersey
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North Dover Radiology is a Lakewood-based imaging center offering convenient schedules for patients. North Dover Radiology has other offices in Middletown, Iselin, Maspeth, and East Brunswick. The Lakewood office provides access to radiology in Toms River NJ. Patients from Toms River only have to drive 18 minutes to the Lakewood location. The other locations are around an hour away. The staff uses high-quality radiology equipment to perform the services mentioned below.

Open MRI

Doctors use MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging) scans to get complete body views. Open MRIs are ideal for individuals with claustrophobia and large bodies. Also, an Open MRI is a good option for patients who require further observation during the procedure.

North Dover Radiology technicians use Hitachi’s 3T Open MRI scanner, which uses two strong magnets and sound waves to produce precise body images. The magnetic fields are on the top and bottom of the scanner.

Low Dose CT

A CT (Computer Tomography) scan is an X-ray type that creates images of your body from different angles. They are very good at showing blood vessels and body tissue.


Sonography (i.e. ultrasound) is an imaging technique using waves with high frequencies. Ultrasounds are safe for patients because they don’t use ionizing radiation.

transducer sends sound waves into a specific body area. Then, an ultrasound scanner interprets the sound waves into electrical signals. Technicians at the Iselin office can do different ultrasound types.


Senographe Essential is available at the Lakewood location. Clinicians can screen women for breast cancer or perform interventional procedures with this platform.

Bone Density (DEXA)

The Holgic Discovery DXA System enables clinicians to identify bone health problems. This technology generates quality diagnostic images of calcification in the abdominal aorta. Discovery takes pictures of the spine and hip within 10 seconds.

Digital X-Ray

X-Ray machines at North Dover Radiology use a very low radiation dosage. They are helpful in the detection of fractures, swallowed items, and abdominal problems.

Doctors should recommend North Dover Radiology to their patients since most of their services have ACR accreditation.

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