MMR: The best solution in preventing German measles

MMR: The best solution in preventing German measles
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German measlesVaccination, at this point relied upon as the most effective means for the prevention of infectious diseases. The action is generally called “immunization”, providing immunity either temporarily or permanently to certain types of disease. Its name comes from the Latin “vacca” which means cow taken from a study of cowpox virus by Louis Pasteur, the first one to develop a vaccine for smallpox. Thanks to vaccinations, many lives were saved from a lot of deadly infectious diseases worldwide.

Today a variety of vaccines have been developed and have been proven effective in preventing protozoa, bacteria, viruses, worms and other types of infections. The United States is the first country in the world which has been very successful in reducing the risk of the spread of a number of infectious diseases that continue to affect other countries. Other countries around the world have also been aware of the importance of vaccination, especially among children. The first 2 years of life should be reinforced by vaccination generally awarded on a monthly basis. In the United States, vaccination processes for children include vaccines for hepatitis A and B, rotavirus, diphtheria / pertussis / tetanus (DTaP), homophiles influenza type B, pneumococcal (PPSV), polio (IPV), measles / mumps / rubella (MMR) and chickenpox (varicella), whereas vaccination for adults include DTaP, IPV, PPSV, MMR, varicella, meningococcal (MCV), human papilloma virus (HPV), and influenza given on an annual basis. Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed that the infection can be prevented with a vaccine that can reduce economic and social costs such as disruption of the learning process of children and lost work time for parents as well as the costs associated with hospitalization, medicines, doctor’s consultation and the worse ie early death.

Virus Rubella, or German measles, is a virus that causes a disease that is easily transmitted through air from one person to another by inhaling droplets of body fluids from the mouth or nose. Symptoms begin with mild fever within one or two days and the swelling of lymph nodes behind the ears or in the neck. The lymph nodes become very soft to the touch. The most visible symptom is a rash that is originally developed in the face and then moves to other parts of the body. The rash will look like a series of spots, red colored either pink or bright red. The rash may be itchy, and will begin to peel in a few days. These symptoms are often found in children who received a mild Rubella attack.

MMRWhen Rubella affects adults, symptoms may include: headache, eye inflammation, swelling of lymph nodes in various parts of the body, swollen and painful joints. Sometimes it feels like stuffy nose or runny nose. This can be a problem if suffered by a pregnant woman. When this happens, women can have congenital rubella syndrome, which can cause mental retardation and birth defects and growth in infants, including: heart problems, deafness, bone marrow problems as well as the formation of a less than perfect in the spleen, liver and eye of the fetus.

MMR vaccine

German measles prevention of disease is through vaccination. The MMR vaccine is a shot to prevent the mumps, measles, and German measles (Rubella). This vaccine was first used in 1971. The vaccine is given in the form of a joint to improve its effectiveness in the prevention of disease. When the vaccine is given in the form of a single, then the application becomes less effective because it requires a fairly long time span in the delivery of the vaccine and the emergence of the risk of autism and bowel disease. This vaccine should be given to children in two doses i.e. at age 12-15 months and the secondly at 4-6 years of age. MMR vaccine may have side effects that a baby can have a fever and rash within 1-2 weeks after the vaccine giving. Some babies may have an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Swollen glands may arise as the immune response to the vaccine. The MMR vaccine is shown to have a high level of effectiveness.

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