Millennials: The New Health Care Consumer

Millennials: The New Health Care Consumer
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As Millennials are quickly becoming the newest generation of health care consumers, it’s important to note what makes this generation different from generations past. These young adults tend to shop around and are influenced by advertising, social media and word-of-mouth endorsements. Here are a few other things that are influential to these consumers when it comes to health care.

Price Transparency

Value-based care and pricing transparency through cdm charge master solutions or similar systems are important to the newest generation of health care consumers. Knowing how much a procedure costs is essential to the decision-making process for this group of consumers. Millennials tend to be cost-sensitive and are likely to avoid a physician’s office due to financial concerns. Because of this cost sensitivity, these customers are more likely to defer care if pricing is vague. 

Digital Conveniences

Younger generations also tend to look for medical care that offers accessibility through digital services. Convenience is key to these digitally savvy customers. Things like mobile appointment scheduling, access to online test results and electronic prescription refills are highly influential components. The ability for patients to see health care professionals that can evaluate, diagnose and treat people at a distance using technology is also a growing trend with this demographic.

Patient-Focused Experience

This new generation of health care consumers also values a positive patient experience through patient-centered care. Clear communication before, during and after an appointment is preferred. Quality care, good customer service, short wait times, and clean and comfortable environments are all contributing factors to a positive patient experience.

If these tips are kept in mind, health care providers can appeal to the values and motivations of this new generation of consumers. By focusing on a patient-centered experience, value-based pricing and including digital tools that are easily accessible by the patient, physicians and other health care providers can reach this growing demographic.

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