Israel Figa Talks About How The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected World Politics

Israel Figa Talks About How The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected World Politics
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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic had major consequences on the world’s politics. For some countries, it became a power move with control over trade and travel. The global pandemic put a lot of pressure on governments all around the world to react quickly. As was expected, different countries had different reactions to the news of the global pandemic. While some countries immediately imposed lockdowns and policies to keep the infection rate to a minimal amount, some only brushed the news under the carpet and continued as normal. It was only after the death tolls started rising that the slow-reaction government started to implement lockdown policies. 

Israel Figa talks about the constant debate over world health over world economy that governments over the world seemed to be in during the initial stages.

COVID-19 Effect On World Politics

EU’s Call For Solidarity

The European Union saw a disagreement between the right steps to tackle the situation. While Spain suggested joining hands to better respond to the crisis, Germany and France banned all exports from different countries including the European ones. EU officials who were in favor of solidarity criticized this move by the two countries which created a rift in the relations.

South Korea & Japan

During the early stages of the pandemic, Japan announced that it will be quarantining South Korean arrivals into Japan. The South Korean government questioned this decision regarding it as an unnecessary and regrettable decision. It also questioned Japan’s motives to be more than just for handling the outbreak. There was also an issue of South Korea donating face masks to Japan which was vehemently detested by the general public. The majority stated that they wouldn’t accept masks from South Korea even under dire circumstances. However, a Japanese editorial published in an article that South Korea should donate medical supplies to Japan and that Japan should be thankful for it.  

China Blamed

US government heavily criticized the Chinese government for the way they handled the pandemic in the initial stages.  China also received backlash from Brazil where the country stated that the Chinese Communist Party was the cause of the global pandemic. As a response to the claim, a Chinese diplomat fought back saying that the family of the president is what is ruining Brazil. China threatened Australia with economic retaliation when the country suggested a further inquiry into the pandemic to the WHO. China has faced a major backlash during this crisis and as a result, it has damaged its relations with many countries. This backlash is on the basis of the fact that the first COVID-19 positive case originated from China.  Furthermore, when China sent aid to around 82 countries, Israel Figa explains that many saw it as a way of correcting its damaged image.

US Withdrawing From WHO

The World Health Organization received a lot of backlash from people and the head of the organization claimed that he was treated unfairly. The head of WHO revealed that he received death threats and racist insults because people claimed that the pandemic attack came from Taiwan. Statements from Taiwan showed their disappointment and anger over this backlash and emphasized that discrimination and injustice are condemned in the country.

The Trump administration withdrew from the WHO in July 2020. However, the newly elected president Joe Biden reverted the decision made by the Trump administration and re-admitted the country to the WHO.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forward a lot of blamegames and open attacks on China and other Asian countries. There has also been a mass wave of Asian hatecrimes. The damages done to the political relations between the countries will take some time to be undone. Another political impact that COVID-19 has brought forward is the increased sense of nationalism where people are choosing nationality or humanity. Israel Figa says that it can take a few years for the political relationships to recover from the harsh times that they faced during these years.

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