Is Adult Foster Care Right for Your Family?

Is Adult Foster Care Right for Your Family?
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You’ve heard of foster care, when adults temporarily take in children to provide them a suitable living environment. Did you know that the service was also available for adults? It can be hard to place a parent or loved on in a nursing home or memory care facility. This organization was created to offer an alternative, assisting families in providing a nurturing environment with medical care. If you have a loved one who needs extra attention or care, research adult care services massachusetts. This service may be right for you. Here are three things you may need to know about the organization.

Who Qualifies for It?

Traditional foster care looks at youth as needing guidance. This is very similar. As a government funded, state licensed facility, people receive medical attention because they cannot survive on their own. People who have a life altering situation and are unable to keep themselves safe throughout the day may apply for benefits. This includes need assistance with feeding, showering, moving, or staying on track. Physical and psychological conditions could qualify.

What Services Are Provided?

Patients should request services, asking a physician to complete documents verifying medical history. Once approved, a caregiver is assigned. This person cannot be a spouse or guardian, and must be over 18 years of age. Expectations are that this individual remains available, fulfilling convalescent’s needs. Are you concerned about attention or safety? Nurses are used to monitor the cases, checking in on the home environment and medical attention.

Why Choose This Over A Nursing Home?

Large facilities do have doctors and nurses around the clock, but they cannot pay attention to clients. They are constantly juggling the demands of a large group. Foster care is one-on-one, putting people first in an environment that is familiar and comforting.

If you are fretting over putting a parent in long term care, look into alternative solutions. While you can’t always be there, there are others who want to lend a hand.

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