Indications Your Aging Parent Needs Help at Home

Indications Your Aging Parent Needs Help at Home
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Your mother has always been a very independent and strong individual. Even well into her 80s, she doesn’t seem to want help and remains relatively active. However, does this mean she should be living at home alone? You have friends who have had to put their parents in assisted living facilities, but you know your mother is not at that point. Look for these signs that your aging parent needs help around the house.

Fall Concerns

A fall to an elderly person can have deadly consequences. You want your parent to be safe at home. You have made some modifications to the layout of the house to make her movement more manageable, but you are still concerned. If your parent is wobbly on their feet, you may want to consider having someone from home care massachusetts drop in to monitor them.

Memory Problems

Everyone gets forgetful from time to time, but as the brain ages, the concern over memory issues grows. Dementia is a progressive disease that may end up leaving a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Speak to your parent’s doctor about any change in recall. One symptom indicating a decline in brain function is difficulty coming up with words during regular conversation or using the wrong words. These can signal the start of real trouble.

Weight Loss

A drastic fluctuation in weight may be cause for concern. It may mean that your parent is not eating properly, either due to an underlying medical condition or the inability to cook. When a parent stops cooking or eating, you may want to address the change with the doctor. It also may mean they are afraid of leaving the house or do not have money for food. Any of these may indicate there is something amiss, and there is a need for help at home.

Having a conversation with your siblings about your parent’s decline may be warranted. Making sure you are all on the same page when it comes to home care may help when it comes time to speak to your parent.

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