How to Use Short Fill E-Liquids

How to Use Short Fill E-Liquids
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By now, you’ll know all about vape pens, box mods and eliquids. So now it’s time to discuss a bit of DIY.

By the end of this article, you’re going to know exactly what short fills are and how to use them.

What is a Short Fill?

Don’t worry.

You’re not being ripped off. A short fill eliquid isn’t a half empty bottle. Instead, it’s a way of customizing your vaping experience to make sure you don’t end up with too much nicotine or too little flavour.

A short fill comes in two parts, which you mix to make the perfect blended eliquid for your palate.

You don’t need a degree in Chemistry, and the process is simple.

Let’s take you through it.

What’s the Main Difference Between a Short Fill and a Standard or Cloud Eliquid?

A standard bottle of eliquid, or a mod eliquid is made of four ingredients.

PG for the throat hit

VG for the cloud

Flavourings for the taste


Flavours are usually available in a range of strengths, but if you’ve got a particular palate, you might find one level of strength too much, and the one below too weak.

So this is why short fills were introduced for use in mod vapes. That way you control the nicotine strength.

      The Flavour

First up, the flavour. This is a bottle of nicotine-free mod liquid, so it’s got a high level of VG for bigger clouds. It’s also got unique flavourings that you just won’t find anywhere else in standard eliquid ranges. We’re talking tasty desserts, amazing fruit blends, and liquids spiked with a fresh hit of mint.

Anyway, each of these bottles comes with a little extra space so that you can add the next ingredient yourself…

      The Nicotine

Nic shot bottles have just two ingredients. VG and nicotine. You could vape it straight, but it’ll be a tasteless and a not too exciting experience.

Instead, you squirt your desired amount of nic shot into your flavour bottle.

A full bottle of the 1.5% nic shot into your flavour bottle gives you an eliquid with 2.5mg of nicotine. Lower than our extra low strengths.

Want something with even less nicotine? Add less of the nic shot, for more flavour and less nicotine.


So Where Can I buy These E-Liquids?

Don’t panic.

If you’re looking for vape juice inspiration, then head over to the 88Vape store where you can buy one pound eliquids and a range of other premium juices.


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