How to protect yourself from computer and mobile radiation?

How to protect yourself from computer and mobile radiation?
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Phone-Radiation-Protection-300x142People are using computer and mobiles for many hours in a day since they could use these devices to obtain information they want from the internet and enjoy the time by watching movies. By spending more time in using computers, laptops and mobile people have been covered or affected by the electromagnetic radiation. Whatever may be the devices such as Smartphone, tablet, iPhone, ipad and laptops all are giving the users a shower of electromagnetic radiation to their face. Sun is also giving people a huge range of electromagnetic frequencies as that of the electronic lamps, television and fuse box in the home give to the people. People can protect themselves from the radiation by boosting up their immune system. By taking an herb or adaptogen people can boost up the immune system that can help in dealing with the radiation. This herb will also help in adapting to these radiations. Here are some of the ways for people to protect themselves from the exposure of electromagnetic radiation.


Sea plants can also be listed in the herbs since it has medicinal value. The sea plants are also loaded with various minerals and nutrients that are need by the human body for its survival. Kelp is one of the seaweeds in the market that are inexpensive. People who hate the taste of sea plants can get the kelp in the form of capsule. This seaweed is able to bind with the radioactive isotopes and let it to get away from the body as an herbalist. Since the seaweeds are rich in iodine and it if is taken too much by the user they will get affected in the thyroid health people are advised to have recommended dosage.


Rosemary is an antioxidant that has been considered as one of the best protection methods for the people who are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. This ingredient can also be taken by the people after cooking it. But when it is cooked it will not be edible. So, it better for people to try the capsules for protecting themselves from the radiation of computer, laptop, television and Smartphone.  Based on the weight of the person this has to be taken. They should follow the instructions or directions given in the package to have the recommended dosage.

Green tea

Almost all of us know that green tea is one of the familiar antioxidant that can be easily obtained from the market. Green tea is being advertised and presented in the media as an antioxidant for the god reason. Since it is rich in antioxidants, this will help in ionizing the radiation in the human body that released from the computer screen or any other devices. This will also help in protecting the body against the cellular damage. Green tea is easy to add in the daily routine by having it in the break tome. In order to obtain the benefits of green tea people are advised to take two 8 ounce cups of tea in a day.

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