How To Clam Restless Legs

How To Clam Restless Legs
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images (8)Restless leg syndrome (abbreviated to RLS) is a sleep disorder which impacts roughly 1 in 10 individuals, while it’s not curable, the symptoms can be reduced by learning how to calm restless feet. RLS is a situation in which the victim encounters a tingly or agonizing feeling in their feet when they’re at rest. As the situation isn’t risky to an individual’s wellness, it can be extremely unpleasant and cause insufficient sleep which can then lead to health issues such as anxiety and depressive disorders.

Dietary Habits

An individual’s diet can have a significant effect on the disease and harshness of restless leg syndrome. As it’s essential that a victim has enough sleep, it’s recommended to stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol prior to bed – as they can both have a damaging effect on sleep. Furthermore, doctors often report a lack of  as being a primary cause of restless leg syndrome, so it’s essential that somebody affected by RLS consumes iron-rich foods such as fish, various meats and legumes. On the other hand, with regards to enhancing iron levels, it is possible to buy over-the-counter iron pills which can be taken just like regular natural vitamins but this can play a large role in calming restless feet.

Develop Fitness Levels

Exercising frequently can help to prevent RLS in three ways. First of all, it keeps the muscles active during the day which can decrease the chance of RLS. Secondly, work out allows a person to get rid off excess energy which can help them get to sleep and insufficient rest is a common cause of RLS – interesting considering the situation causes lack of sleep. Additionally, individuals who regularly work out are often fit and being overweight has been found (due to a study performed on 80,000 women by Stanford University) to increase the chance of restless leg syndrome by 42%.

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