Here Are The Health Problems That Stem From Poor Posture

Here Are The Health Problems That Stem From Poor Posture
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Often overlooked by people of all ages, poor posture is one of the most common causes of a wide range of musculoskeletal problems that not only lead to extreme pain but affect mobility. Since it puts undue pressure on various muscles and joints, it can eventually cause pain and stiffness in different parts of your body.

According to National Library of Medicine, “A study suggests that adopting an upright posture may increase positive affect, reduce fatigue, and decrease self-focus in people with mild-to-moderate depression.”

Common Causes of Poor Posture

  • Wearing wrong shoes
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Weak and tensed muscles
  • Muscle injuries
  • Genetic Factors

Poor Posture Can Lead To Following Health Problems

Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is one of the most common health problems that occur due to poor posture, and it affects your well-being in countless ways. For example, if you sit improperly at a couch or an office chair continuously for hours, it prevents your body parts from receiving those much-needed nutrients because it affects circulation.

In other words, if you maintain a slouching posture all day, it affects circulation, which leads to numerous physical and mental health conditions that affect a person’s daily life.

Malalignment of Spine & Knees

If you sit in a slouching position most of the times, then it can lead to malalignment of spine and knees, which increases the risk of various joint related problems. And in case you are someone who is suffering from arthritis, then poor posture can worsen the inflammation of joints making it difficult for you to enjoy a peaceful life.

If you fail to address this issue on time, it can derail your life with the passage of time.


Fatigue is also a common problem linked to poor posture. Since it puts a lot of stress on muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints, it eventually makes you tired while carrying out your daily activities. You need a lot more energy when it comes to making these parts function effectively.

In short, poor posture leads to fatigue, so you must try to correct it to live an energetic life.

Jaw Pain

Because poor posture deteriorates the actual shape of the spine, it leads to a problem called improper bite pattern, which has severe consequences for temporomandibular joints. Poor neck and shoulder postures can misalign the temporomandibular joints, which can then lead to jaw pain.

People with jaw pain have difficulty in chewing food, which leaves them utterly frustrated.

Mood Swing

Mood swing is also linked closely to poor posture. Since it creates several types of musculoskeletal issues, it naturally affects a person’s mood. People with this condition often get frustrated because of the kind of health problems they experience.

On the other hand, those who maintain an upright position have high self-confidence and self-esteem. People with good posture live a pain-free and happy life, which reflects in their daily behavior. They are often calmer and possess a unique ability to cherish their life, which boosts their mood.


Frequent episodes of headaches can also stem from poor posture as it affects the natural curve of the spine. And as the original shape of the spine starts declining, it causes tight neck muscles, which eventually leads to headaches.

Besides, poor posture is one of the biggest causes of neck pain, lower back pain, and shoulder pain.

Ways of Correcting Poor Posture

Fix Your Slouching Posture

Slouching is bad for your health; therefore, you must take the right steps to quit it. Whether you talk about the office or home, you must pay attention to the way you sit, stand, and walk. If you are unable to maintain a good posture while doing any of these things, you may start experiencing its consequences soon.

Always maintain an upright sitting position, irrespective of what kind of furniture you use. While sitting on your chair in the office, make sure you keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. And your knees must maintain a 90-degree angle.

According to wikiHow, “Good posture helps promote the natural curves in your body. Therefore, to maintain a healthy position while sitting, it’s essential to keep your shoulders back and your back straight. Besides, you should keep your chest open. The fact remains that if you fail to keep your chest open, then you won’t be able to keep your back straight.”

You should also maintain an upright position while standing. Whether you are talking to your friend in the park or giving a presentation in the boardroom, your back should always be straight.

What’s essential for you to understand is, your back is supposed to be straight always; otherwise, it can lead to several problems.

Consult A Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is also the perfect treatment for correcting poor posture. Your therapist will focus on identifying the primary cause of your problem, and they will then create a customized care plan to address the actual source of your problem. They may use manual therapy techniques, specialized stretching moves, and posture correction exercises to target the primary cause of your problem.

According to Priority Physical Therapy, “Shoulder pain can occur due to several underlying reasons; however, poor posture and weakness of rotator cuff muscles remain one of its most common cause. Because shoulders are highly complex joint systems, only skilled physical therapists can figure out the underlying cause of shoulder pain.”


You can either join a gym or perform posture correction exercises at home. If you talk about the gym, you can take the advice of a competent fitness trainer when it comes to adding quality moves into your fitness program.

However, if you are someone don’t get time for the gym, you can also perform posture-specific moves at your home as per your convenience. You can check platforms like YouTube to figure out the right posture correction exercises that can meet your fitness goals.

Nothing is more crucial than having a healthy body and mind, so no matter what kind of problem you are facing, you should take immediate steps to improve your health.

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