Handy tips to cure day-to-day diseases

Handy tips to cure day-to-day diseases
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Handy tipsThe health awareness had improved a lot among people and all are health conscious. The media such as television, radio and internet blogs are often rendering many health tips with many natural remedies. The basic natural remedies play an important role in curing many diseases. The natural food ingredients, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, pepper and turmeric are some of the important source of natural remedies.

Stomach disorder: People are often affected with various stomach disorders such as gastritis, constipation and irritation. Ginger treats all types of stomach disorders, ginger should be added in our daily food composition. Garlic cures constipation and heart burns which should be consumed along with milk at nights.

Back pain remedies: Today’s technical world is suffering a lot due to the back pain. Especially people working in information technology are mostly affected by this problem. Lack of posture and lack of required exercises are the contributing factors. While working in computers the relevant ergonomic postures have to be maintained. Regular exercises such as stretching and relaxing should be performed. In the pain affected area, either hot packs or cold packs can be applied followed by a gentle massage therapy.

Throat problems: In winter and rainy season, people are often affected by tonsil inflammation problems. Accumulation of certain bacteria for a prolonged time causes tonsil inflammation. Black pepper plays an important role in curing all throat disorders. A regular intake of black pepper along with our food should be practiced by all. Salt water gargling also cures throat disorders, salt added in mild boiled water can be used for throat gargling.

Eye disorders: In summer season, people are often affected by reddish eyes associated with irritation. Cucumber gives soothing medical affect to our eyes, which can be sliced in round pieces and applied over the affected region of eyes for some time. Simple cold packs are also better alternative for irritating eyes. Eye coupling technique such as soaking the eyes with a small lid containing cold water gives good effect.

health tipsHair fall problems: Most of the people are often suffering by this problem. Over usage of shampoos, lotions and other inorganic chemicals causes this problem. This can be overcome be mild usage of organic shampoos rather than inorganic shampoos. Oil massage is an important therapy which should be done once in a week. Oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil or olive oil can be used for scalp massages. This scalp massage gives a penetration affect to the hair follicle and improves the hair growth and reduces hair fall. Onion juice and aloe vera are also important products to improve hair growth. These juices can be commonly taken by all to improve their overall health.

Vitamin as a vital need: The role of Vitamin plays an essential role for our day to day health. Vitamin such as A, B, C, D, E, K are more important in treating diseases such as night blindness, anemia, pellagra, scurvy, osteomalacia and bleeding diseases. Sunlight is rich in Vitamin-D, and strengthens bones by providing calcium. All human beings are expected to have some exposure in sunlight to overcome calcium deficiency.

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