Food Is The Best Medicine

Food Is The Best Medicine
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BEST MEDICINEIn this fast and busy life we may forget to do our daily chores they are brushing teeth, bathing and having food all three are considered as our duty. If we failed to do any one of these in a day then it will result in serious health condition. Every morning when we woke up from our bed we have to brush our teeth, without brushing we cannot go anywhere because our bad breath will not allow anyone to come near us. Bathing will prevent bacterial and fungal infections from our body so it is very important to clean our body regularly. Eating is always necessary one has to eat at least three times daily to lead to a healthy life. Our body is living machine to make it work we need to pour some fuel into it this can be done only by eating healthy food. Our food is been divided into two types one is vegetarian and another one is non-vegetarian. Vegetarian food contain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products etc. non-vegetarian food contain fish, meat, egg, sea foods etc. it is always necessary to eat both the food in equal proportion. Our daily meal should contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and iron; these are considered as essentials for our body.  We should consume the food three times daily as a morning breakfast, afternoon lunch and night dinner. Our breakfast should be rich in content and it should be healthy meal which can contain more protein and carbohydrates. Afternoon meal can be moderate one with minimal amount of fat and carbohydrate content in it. And our dinner can be a light food which is high in fibre. In between our each meal we can have fruits and vegetables to stay active for the whole day.

FOOD IS THE BEST MEDICINEWhat is balanced diet?

Balanced diet is having wholesome food which rich in all essential things needed for our body. We should always choose the homemade food which made with less oil and salt content. Both oil and salt content will result in weight gain and rise in blood pressure so always reduce using it in your food. Avoid outdoor food and fast food in your because they may make you fat in a day and leave you tired and unhealthy. Exercises regularly that will make you lose your weight fastly and it will relax you from stress and tension. Today obesity is one of the major health crises which spreading widely in the world. This disease is caused by overeating or because of some genital problems so one has aware of these problems and should take the wise food which suitable for you daily work. Human being has to consume the required amount of calories needed for your bodies if you eat more than that you result in weight gain. Our body mass index is calculated by a person’s weight and his height if his weight is not equal to his height then it may result it health problems. There are four major BMI ranges in human body they are slim, idle weight, over weight and obesity. One should always maintain idle weight to stay healthy.

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