Facts About Reducing Waste During the Plating Process

Facts About Reducing Waste During the Plating Process
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The plating process uses many hazardous materials, including heavy metals, bases, acids, and cyanide. These chemicals and metals have significant health and environmental impacts and are heavily regulated. Therefore, it is important to use waste reduction methods during the plating process. 

Dragout Reduction

Dragout reduction is a method of waste control that keeps the chemical solutions inside the plating tanks. These techniques include using slow withdrawal techniques, allowing parts to drip into the bath, improving equipment procedures, rinsing parts, and bailing back concentrated solutions. 

Bath Concentration Control

Keeping chemical concentrations at the bare minimum means that fewer chemicals are lost during the dragout process. Therefore, bath concentration levels should be maintained at minimum operating levels. Make additions only when they are necessary. Don’t add extra chemicals immediately when plating issues occur unless you are certain that a lack of chemicals causes the issue. Also, use fresh solutions when plating parts. If you let the solution sit before using it, you can waste the solution and slow your plating times. 

Solution Life Extension 

If you make the solution last longer, it will reduce your chemical waste. Know what spoils your chemicals and limit those threats. Filter baths regularly to reduce particle build-up. Similarly, skim impurities from the surface. Remove finished parts from the solution as soon as they are ready. 

Alternative Plating Solutions

Switching to different plating solutions can limit hazardous discharges, environmental impact, costs, and employee risk. Customers often set the plating mixtures. However, you can educate your customers on using alternatives to dangerous methods, like chromium electroplating, that are similar and safer. You can find alternatives that are both safer for the environment and employees. 

There are many ways that people can reduce their waste during the plating process. These are just some of the options available. Implementing one or more of these can reduce waste and lower your impact on the environment and your employees’ health. 

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