Enjoy Summer Activities Without Injuries

Enjoy Summer Activities Without Injuries
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Summer is at the doorstep and the weekend warriors start doing preparations for their adventures. In the sunny days, children and adults enjoy their outdoor activities with full excitement and thrill. However, most of the times, we forget the safety factor in our enjoyment.

Moreover, people tend to indulge in sports activities more during this time of the year. It is the time when they tend to spend more and more time outdoors after being cooped up indoors all these chilled months of winter. As a result, you tend to jump into sports activities to the fullest. Notably, if we talk about kids, they are the biggest enthusiasts for taking part in physical activities. Also, they take participate in various summer camps that involve a variety of sports. All sports involve the risk of getting injuries and orthopedic are the most common ones among all of them.

According to BMJ Journals, “Surveillance data obtained from Healthy Camp Study from 2006 were analyzed from 71 overnight camps, representing 437 541 camper-days and 206 031 staff-days.” Further, the report stated that “Injuries were reported in 218 campers and 81 staff. 51.8% of injured campers were male versus 34.6% of staff. Among campers, 60.1% were evaluated off-site; 2.3% required hospital admission. 43.9% of injuries required >24 h activity restriction (deemed “significant injury”).

When you indulge more in physical movements, the chances of getting hurt or breaking are more likely. Particularly, sports like biking, swimming, football, basketball, running, and many others have the highest number of risks involved.

The majority of the injuries involved are related to back, knees, spine, shoulders, hips, and feet. Therefore, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to avoid these orthopedic injuries.

Stay Hydrated

During the summer season, the body tends to lose water. So, keep yourself hydrated to protect your muscles from getting damaged. If you are sufficiently hydrated, you are less likely to pull a muscle or have a sprain. Moreover, if your physical activity is likely to continue for 45 minutes to 1 hour, then it is advisable that you carry a sports drink with electrolytes or carb replacement. However, it is to be noted that you have to carry a water bottle in addition to this. As a result, you will be able to continue your sports activity for a long time without getting exhausted.

Learn To Warm Up

If you are playing a sport for the first time, or if you haven’t played for a while, then it is necessary for you to take a warm-up lesson. You can hire a professional, who can pick up on those bad habits and poor form, and correct you. They will also teach you how to prevent shoulder, knee, and back injuries.

Warming up is significant for any physical activity. If your body is not warm, you are likely to suffer from injuries due to the stiffened muscles. Moreover, if you do not warm up, then you tend to get exhausted soon. Warming up will make your muscles more stretchable and they are less prone to getting damaged.

Take The Help Of Physical Therapy

You may be surprised to know that physical therapy can be helpful in avoiding injuries effectively. Physical therapists provide the most suitable and relevant training programs to help you strengthen your muscles and play sports with the right techniques.

According to Premier Physical Therapy, “Physical therapy is crucial to sports injury recovery. Depending on the type of sports injury, a physical therapist will devise a treatment plan that is specific to the injury. It may include manual therapy, exercise prescription, electric muscle stimulation, and thermotherapy. Manual therapy is a hands-on technique to treat soft tissues and joint structures. It improves the healing process and reduces pain.”

Use Proper Tools For Gardening

Lots of people are fond of gardening, and when sunny days arrive, they pursue their favorite activity. However, it can result in knee pain, back pain, and related injuries due to kneeling, squatting, or bending while doing it. To avoid these damages, try using a stool, tools with extensions, or long handles. Also, consider raised planters for this purpose. All of them can help you continue your favorite activity without getting aches or injuries.

Protect Your Head While Biking

Many people are passionate about biking, and they curiously wait for the season to arrive before they can start their adventure. However, they can also suffer from a wide range of injuries if they do not take the appropriate safety measures. Apart from taking precautions in regards to protecting other body parts, it is significant to protect your head as well. You can effectively do so by wearing a helmet. Moreover, it is crucial to wear the right gear for doing a sports activity.

Do Not Dive In Shallow Water

If you are passionate about diving, then make sure you do not do it in shallow water. It can result in spinal cord injuries. Whenever you plan to undertake your favorite sport, then make sure you know how deep the water is. If you do know the depth of water, then do not dive, but never take the risk of getting severe and sometimes, irreparable injuries.

Backyard Danger

When the summer is at your doorstep, you find ways to do all those outdoor activities that you haven’t done for months. If you have a big backyard, then you might be tempted to play your favorite sports with full enthusiasm. However, many injuries can occur while playing in your own backyard. Games like touch football, badminton, Slip n’ Slides, small-field soccer, etc. are physically demanding even if you have organized them completely. Moreover, when you play just for fun, you do not look after your body carefully. It is, at this point in time, you may injure yourself while playing. Shoulder, knee, back, etc. are some of the common backyard injuries.

Be Cautious

Many people are highly passionate about hiking, biking, river rafting, etc. They are crazy for undertaking the adventure, and at this point, they are not aware of the risk they are taking. However, if you are planning to do any of these extreme sports, then make sure you know what is waiting ahead of you, and how far you can take yourself to achieve your goals. Moreover, we will again put stress on wearing the right gear before taking the plunge.

Summer brings sunshine and energy to do a lot of activities. However, taking the necessary precautions while getting indulged in physical movements can keep orthopedic aches and injuries at bay.

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